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Tell Me That You’re a F***in’ Idiot Without Telling Me You’re a F***in’ Idiot

They know what is stolen based on inventory data. The facts do not care about your feelings.

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  1. She’s 100% correct.
    They are assuming Honkies aren’t PRIVILEGED enough to just walk in and take it.

  2. Tell me black folk steal without… WAIT, we ALL KNOW BLACK FOLK STEAL!

    Perhaps this masked cunt wants to be equally inconvenienced?
    Simple, just steal a shit-ton of all the lighter shades for equity sake…

  3. Everybody knows that darker shades weigh more and the security tags are put there to counter balance the Earths rotation that might make them turn over and put somebodies eye out….My Flesh colored Crayon tells me this late at night, in my clubhouse….

  4. She’s wears the mask because she still lives in New Yawk Shitty (have pity on the poor thing) or because she doesn’t want to be recognized by her Socialist-Progressive famly/friends

  5. A large grocery store chain in Beaumont, TX stopped selling the Afro-Sheen product line many years ago. The local NAACP chapter accused them of being racist because they locked it up and put those security tags on the stuff. So much of it was being stolen, they had to. They finally decided it was better to not sell the damn crap. Inventory controls don’t lie!

  6. I stopped in a vibrant part of town yesterday, at the Walmart of things. I was looking for razor blades, and found all that sort of stuff in a separate corral with only one entrance, cameras everywhere and a gate keeper. Silly me, I wasn’t offended, just inconvenienced, if they didn’t steal, this sorta precautions wouldn’t be so necessary.
    Facts trump feelings everyday, get over your bad self.

  7. Putting those tags on them is extra work and expense for the store, trying to provide a product for those willing to pay for it. Next thing you know the pissed off wannabe shoplifters of color will start a fire in the store to distract from their shoplifting, and the racist corporations won’t reopen the store creating racist food deserts that don’t have groceries.Happened a couple of times in Atlanta the past few months.

  8. Exhibit ‘A’ why we need to do away with public schools and their unions. This idjut is indoctrinated to her core and no longer has the ability to reason. She has ZERO critical-thinking skills.

  9. Lock it all up, what’s the point in buying it I always ask. There’s nothing at WalMart that I can’t buy somewhere else. So what if I pay a few dollars more, at least I’m not treated like I stole it. BTW, a WalMart security guy told me that they already know who is going to ste3al when they walk in the store. They immediately put the cameras on them. Thieves are brazen.

  10. And just try and find an open check out aisle lately. Their lack of customer service has gone to hell and the self-scanning kiosks are just an invitation to steal and especially since they’re generally closer to the front door at Wally World.

  11. Years ago, I was making a delivery at a local Rosauers grocery store at the W. end of downtown Spokane, my wife called it the bum and wino Rosauers because of its location in a poorer part of downtown. Anyway, as I was coming in the front door a guy who had evidently stolen something went flashing by me out the door and across the street with a store clerk right on his ass who did a flying tackle and knocked the thief to the ground and grabbed ahold of him and brought him back into the store and then they called the cops and hauled his ass off to jail. It was great, seeing that, I don’t know if they would do that now.

  12. I just applied for a position at Walmart in Portland and…. Ha, ha, ha – morons like this are a big reason Walmart is pulling out of Portland.

  13. White women.

    Please stop being offended on behalf of all Black people.

    They are quite capable of being offended without your help.

    Go do something useful with your life instead.

    I hear Wal-Mart needs security guards.

    Go do that, then get back to us once you actually KNOW something about life.



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