Tell Us Chelsea, Who Does Run the World?


Chelsea Clinton is teaching a course in “Health and Policy Management” at Columbia this spring.  Guess which book is assigned reading?

When the book was launched last month it was #17,748 on Amazon, now its down to #95,233 (it seems Amazon isn’t bothering to screen her reviews either).


Chelsea and her co-author were on BookTV this weekend- Watch

21 Comments on Tell Us Chelsea, Who Does Run the World?

    Who Runs The World and Why?
    How I Got In On The Scam

    Fixed it for ya, Chelsea.

  2. What sort of idiot must you be to think Global health
    Needs governing? Why is governing your first reaction to everything? Sounds like a dictatorship mentality.

  3. Without her famous parents, she would be the nitwit who never turns off the beeper when the fries are done

  4. My God, what an unfortunate looking woman. I still can’t believe that someone had sex with her….but then, something had sex with her mother.

    Can’t wait for a debate between her and, you know, Caroline Kennedy

  5. Oh bad reviews don’t mean a damn thing. She just got a sweet Expedia gig for $295k, that goes handily with her $300k IAC gig.

    People Desperate folks looking for power are literally throwing money at her.

  6. HA! From Amazon comments, this classic:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than pepper spray.
    By Voogruon February 14, 2017
    Format: Hardcover
    I gave this away as a gift to someone that I never want to see or talk to again (Stage 5 Clinger), but I didn’t want to tell them upfront and seem rude on Valentines day, so I picked up a copy of this at my local bookstore and had them wrap it up with really nice paper.

    The expression on their face of disappointment when they unwrapped the gift probably ensures they’ll never bother me again. They used to text me several times a day, now? Nothing! Perfect!

  7. A face that can stop a clock. Would love to see the morons that sign up for her class. Maybe they’re getting paid to attend???

  8. So Webb’s daughter is teaching a course at Columbia. This should be about as successful as her stint at NBC. Next step is Columbia making it a required course after nobody signs up.

  9. Now now, no need to insult her looks when there’s so much more to make fun of, and it’s actually relevant. Like her entire ‘career’.

  10. Teaching? Is there anything she can’t do?! If Chelsea’s this annoying, can you imagine how Obamas’ daughters are going to be when given more time? Especially that tall one who’s getting mixed up with Hollywoodians. ::shudders::

  11. I see the democratic rabid soros dogs are still chasing their tails. Wonder when they’ll start eating their own? This will be interesting.


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