Ten Examples of Black Privilege


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  1. Oh yeah? So how come White always gets to move first on the chessboard?

    Under the Harris/Biden – uh, I mean – Biden/Harris administration that injustice will be remedied.


  2. Can I just secceed from your black privalage? It’s not like that any longer, white Privalege, not like it was that over the last 60 years!

  3. How’s this privilege: after 8 years of Obama, they have the privilege of being thought of as being as scummy and useless as Obama.

  4. Maybe those ghetto Black’s should at least finish high school and learn to speak proper English before complaining about being disadvantaged.

    It’s free, ya’ know, paid for by mostly white people and given to them as a gift to make them anyone’s equal if they use it.

    That’s not something that can be said for many Black’s living in Africa under their own Black rulers.

  5. They complain about the prisons being filled with a inordinate amount of fellow blacks. Measures are now being taken to reduce those numbers as they are perceived as being due to racism.

    Just try to imagine how full the jails would be if the authorities didn’t look the other way as they so very often do.

  6. I grew up in an intergrated Chicago in the 60s and 70s, lived 14yrs in Evanston Il. Evanston is the where UBER leftist elite Northwestern U is and I learned about Black priviledge first hand.
    Both my kids went to mostly Black Evanston dist. 65 schools.
    From kindergarten on Black students are pretty much TOLD (by mostly White liberal Teachers) they are inherently VICTIMS.
    Here ‘s your free lunch program, special bus services etc and btw it’s almost ALL FREE.
    I’ll say it.
    Most of the Black children were not being raised with a Father in the home. Some didn’t even have a Mother raising them but perhaps a Grandmother, Auntie or Uncle.
    It’s a horrible CYCLE these children grow up in.
    I would go to school board meetings and it got to the point that many Black parents wanted separate, Afro-centric schools.
    This was interesting, especially since the mostly White school board members were OUTRAGED by this notion because of ALL they have done for YOU people.
    That was 15yrs ago.
    I bring this up because at THAT time the very idea of going back against integration was thought of as RACIST and abhorent,
    Look where we are now…..

  7. Hopefully, his next video will be 10 examples out of female privilege, coming up with just 10 should be a piece of cake.

  8. If you’re racist, the best place to live is in an upper class leftist area – there will be no chance of low income housing ever going in that area.
    If you’re not racist the best place to live is in a conservative area, no matter what the color of the people are.
    It’ll be, for the most part, clean and crime-free, until the rich leftists vote to ruin your area by making it “inclusive.” When the area is already racially diverse, “inclusive” means they are going to destroy the area by introducing drug-addled, mentally ill, felons with no money.
    And the leftists will feel noble about it, as they do laps in their lap pool, with the only POC in site are the nannies, landscapers and pool boys.


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