Tennessee man shot, killed after YouTube video ‘prank’ goes wrong

Populist Press: A man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Nashville business Friday night after a robbery “prank” for a YouTube channel went wrong, according to police.

When officers got to Urban Air in the city’s Hermitage neighborhood about 9:20 p.m., they learned Timothy Wilks, 20, and a friend approached a group of people, including David Starnes Jr., with butcher knives as part of the prank. read more

40 Comments on Tennessee man shot, killed after YouTube video ‘prank’ goes wrong

  1. When I was attending junior college back in the stone ages, I heard of some students who walked into a bank dressed as hamsters with violin cases.

    The police who arrested them weren’t laughing.

  2. Hermitage is a crime ridden shithole. Most of Nashville is these days.

    It is unwise to attempt to get the drop on someone in a dark parking lot and convey that you and your fellow assailants are going to rob and murder and only yell “Haha, it’s just a YouTube prank” after they pull a gun out.

    I guess next time someone pulls a gun on you that you should wait until they reveal that you’re on Candid Camera.

    These aren’t pranks but terroristic threats and attempted robbery.

  3. Although it was meant always meant as satire, the “funny” motivational poster that showed a sinking ship and the title, “Sometimes you’re highest calling is to serve as a warning to others” has become too frequently a reality among YouTubers. What price “monetization”?

  4. The take away from all this seems to be that hamsters are untrustworthy on general principal, regardless of their alleged musical ability.

  5. Allow me to correct this post’s title for the sake of accuracy:

    “Nashville man shot, killed after YouTube video ‘prank’ goes just about the way anyone would expect”

  6. Aaron Burr
    FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 5:37 AM
    “The take away from all this seems to be that hamsters are untrustworthy on general principal, regardless of their alleged musical ability.”

    mickey moussaoui
    FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 3:17 AM
    “I would not hesitate to shoot a hamster carrying a violin case.”

    …see, statements like THAT are the reason everyone thinks iOTW is a Hamsterist Web site…

  7. Anymouse
    FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 11:11 AM
    ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 8:43 AM

    “That’s a squirrel…

    Just saying…”

    …they all look alike to me…

    ….DANG IT! See, you people have turned ME into a Hamsterist now!

    …guess I have to turn Democrat if I want to get a pass on it, or the SRLC (Slighted Rodent Law Center) and RARE (Rodent American Relation Earbangers) will be after me…

  8. manbearpig
    FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 12:01 PM
    “So how many views did he get?”

    …counting the police, the coroner’s office, DA’s office, the DNC as it decides if this is usable to overturn the Second Amendment, and all the lawyers for the upcoming lawsuits and civil rights cases?

    …quite a few, but I’m not sure how they’d target the ads for THAT bunch…

  9. RadioMattM
    FEBRUARY 8, 2021 AT 2:13 PM
    “Joshua Collier sure picked an inoperative thread for his spam”

    …we spent 7/8ths of the comments taking about a typo on the first comment, mostly because we have no edit feature.

    I think “inoperative” may just be more accurate…

  10. For accuracy’s sake, he didn’t get shot AFTER the prank went wrong because the shooting was what went wrong.

    Just saying, and yes, sometimes movies are unwatchable when I can’t stop seeing incongruencies like that.

    Stupid Columbo stuff.

  11. I think it’s gone beyond a typo. Matt can never the gangster story again. Now it’s the hamster story. If any one calls him on it, he can say,”yeah, it used to be gangsters, but hamsters make for a better story”


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