Tennessee Man?

Well, I can’t explain it. So let them tell you about it.

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  1. Shit, if I didn’t pluck my chin whiskers for 3 days I’d have a better beard than this ‘bitch’.

  2. He could become the next attorney general.

    He wouldn’t do any more harm than that traitor eric holder, nor that corrupt POS loretty lynch, nor be any less in the bag than that GOPe rat jeff sessions, nor any more asleep at the switch/semi-retired william barr.

  3. I’m gonna guess he arrived looking like a hipster lumberjack. When he came to visit granny. Fell asleep during another Matlock rerun. Woke up. Went to take a leak. And figured out why granny was giggling uncontrollably.

  4. @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ May 31, 2020 at 12:36 am

    I had that album on about ten years ago and a friend’s wife ask me who it was. I told her it is Clapton. She said: It can’t be, I don’t like Eric Clapton. Solid album.

  5. I can’t even grasp the personality that would choose this as a personification.
    If this is what you see when you look in the mirror…………..

  6. @JD ~ was a bit disappointed when it came out, thought it would be more ‘traditional’ … not to say the renditions were great, just a bit ‘refined’

    … it ‘grew’ on me & I get it, the renditions are more produced … it’s the times

    in the long run, it’s all good … anything to connect todays listeners w/ our roots is a good thing

  7. I live in (East) Tennessee and nothing surprises me about the weirdos running around here anymore.

  8. @ geoff,
    weirdos like this cat and the meth heads in the stabbing incident, put the “freak shows” out of business. Crazy people used to be institutionalized. Now they live at grandma’s or under the overpass.

  9. Fart Knocker living with Grams because mommy can’t handle him and daddy left a long time ago. The precious little bunny was raised w/o any men in his life until he started dating some.

  10. Headline – Tennessee ‘Man’ Quickly Makes New Friends at the Regional Jail.

    However, the next day when asked to identify his new friends he was unable to do so because he was looking the other way while they got acquainted


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