Tennessee Republican Senate Hopeful Bill Hagerty On Board Of Billion Dollar Firm Pumping Out BLM Messages

National Pulse:


“R.J. O’Brien stands proudly with the African American Community in support of EQUALITY & PEACE,” the message read, followed by the #BLACKLIVESMATTER hashtag.

The firm then boasted of donating to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) legal fund.

The message from Hagerty’s firm came on the fifth day of rioting and looting across American cities, May 31st. Just one day after a molotov cocktail attack on police in New York, and moments after President Trump had signaled his intent to declare Antifa a terrorist organization: more

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  1. I’ll bet he’s a Freemason.
    BLM is part of the Freemasonic plan for the destruction of the U.S.A. and establishing the NWO.
    Order out of Chaos.

  2. Is anyone surprised at this? A good starting point is to acknowledge that they are all posers, regardless of party. It’s easier to count the patriots; it’s a much shorter list.

    I’m sure his virtue signalling will pay-off in the votes needed to propel him into a sinecure-for-life that will help multiply his net worth many times over.

  3. Before we go about our day with our hair on fire over this headline, perhaps some further investigation is in order.

    Just as a (counter)point of departure, this from Real Clear Politics: “Bill Hagerty Is No Mitt Romney (and That’s Fine by Trump)”


    ““Tennessee loving Bill Hagerty, who was my Tennessee Victory Chair and is now the very outstanding Ambassador to Japan, will be running for the U.S. Senate,” Trump tweeted out of the blue one afternoon. “He is strong on crime, borders & our 2nd A. Loves our Military & our Vets. Has my Complete & Total Endorsement!””

    Hagerty was chosen by Trump to help select his cabinet and was considered by Trump as being a critical member of the team who negotiated the new trade deal with Japan.

    The thread post article doesn’t say that Hagerty is the Chairman of the Board of this company, it says that he is a member. As a single member, it may be that he is a dissenting member.

    I’m going to now go in search of who wrote this article and why.

    In the meantime, keep your powder dry. This could be a false flag effort to derail the President’s choice.

    I know Wikipedia is never to be trusted, but the description of Hagerty’s ideological leanings do not paint a picture of a Trumpian Benedict Arnold.

  4. …The editor of National Pulse seems to be ernest in his warning, but sometimes even the most sincere get it wrong. And even if he is right to warn over this issue, many other things must be considered within the overall context.

    All I’m saying is, let’s not do what lo-fo Democrats do with headlines.

  5. I don’t care whether the headline is true or false. There is a simple fact that we must all grasp. When he gets to wash dc, he will do what mitch mc tells him to do on almost everything. And in the tiny number of cases where he doesn’t, it will be pre arranged so it doesn’t fuck up anything mitch wants to do. There are no surprises or coincidences in wash dc.

    The republican party is not going to save us from shit. They didn’t even save us from being locked in our own homes in a scam.

  6. @xxx — “I don’t care whether the headline is true or false.”

    Before you share your nihilistic opinion of the Republicans — and I’m not saying I disagree entirely — please consider that we must retain the senate majority in ’20.

    I’m strongly advocating conservatives check out every bit of info before they consume it. Let’s not be #NeverTrump-ers and vote for or even allow another Democrat to take a seat in Congress. We cannot afford to be so doctrinaire that we commit unforced errors.

  7. I’m fed up with these leftists of all political parties, the same as I’m fed up with people claiming to be faith based. Read this shit and tell me how this is faith based?

    Norman United is a democratic faith-based organization of volunteers who have been working together to help support our City Council in their efforts to make Norman a more inclusive community for the LGBTQ+ and all their intersecting communities through a variety of different public education and community action projects. We have been meeting since 2014.
    We are not collecting donations at this time. We are not circulating any petitions.
    Please do not confuse us with the newly formed hate group formed for the purpose of unseating our current City Council and Mayor. They are NOT the same group of people. If you are a troll for “Unite Norman” and post hateful messages on this page you will be flagged. If you are a supporter of Norman United and its efforts, please help spread the word, clarifying the difference between the two groups. It is important that they are not given the opportunity to use our page or our group as a springboard for their rhetoric and alternative facts.

  8. As much as we NEED to reduce Democrat held seats in both Houses,
    We NEED elected Republicans to vote party lines and STOP “crossing the isle”. There is no getting along with the LEFT!
    We NEED to crush them at the voting booths – and crush the ballot stuffing cheaters.
    So please don’t be so quick to judge against our team.

  9. Haggerty’s republican opponent is Dr. Manish Sethi (Dr. Manny), who is running a very appealing campaign against Haggerty.

    On the one hand you have Haggerty, who is Trump’s “choice” (in quotations, because I’m not convinced there is a personal connection/endorsement), and Dr. Manny, who is running a very conservative outsider, anti-illegal immigration, pro-America land of opportunity campaign.

    It should be an interesting election. I personally like Manny’s message better.

    Edit: TN Tuxedo, you beat me to Dr. Manny’s campaign

  10. @govlawyer – what’s your point? That Haggerty did the right thing after HE found out about the BLM connection, or that he did the right thing after WE found about the BLM connection? There is a difference.

  11. I know those on the left think we all worship Trump, but I can think for myself like all of you can. Trump isn’t always right on who he supports and he has been known to support swamp dwellers. So if I was in Tennessee I would do my own research and vote for the candidate I believed to be the most conservative.

  12. @Stirrin the Pot — Actually, there is a personal connection. A rather close one. Hagerty ran Trump’s Tennessee Victory campaign in ’16, he then was considered by Trump for either the U.S. Trade Rep position or the Ambassadorship to Japan because of his knowledge of finance/economics and his loyalty to the Trump trade deal agenda. He was apparently instrumental as ambassador in securing the early Japanese trade deal.

    See above: Trump tweeted his personal endorsement of Hagerty after Hagerty sought Trump’s blessing to leave Japan and run for senate. Since then, Don Jr. and his sidekick have promoted Hagerty in Tennessee with fundraisers and stumping. Unless something has changed in the last 48 hours, he is Trump’s choice as candidate for Tennessee.

    In light of all this, why is Hassam (editor of Pulse) putting this story out?

  13. @AA – re: my statement, “…because I’m not convinced there is a personal connection/endorsement…”

    I stand partially corrected in that I did know that Haggerty was part of Trump’s 2016 campaign and rewarded with the Ambassadorship. And therefore there is a connection. My statement was not a good way of making my point.

    My point was intended to be more along the lines of how effective each candidate’s message has been. Sethi’s message is a much more populist and non-politician one than Haggerty’s. He just presents himself more as Trump presented himself in the 2016 election. Haggerty, on the other hand, presents himself as riding Trump’s coattails.

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