Tens of dollars !!!

Patriot Retort: In their never-ending quest to prove they’re nothing but a bunch of lunatic conspiracy theorists, the New York Times is reporting that President Trump is pushing hydroxychloroquine because he has a financial stake in one of the companies that manufactures it.

Yup, President Trump wants patients with Wuhan virus to have access to hydroxychloroquine because he stands to make tens of dollars off of it.

The New York Times really blew the lid off this one, didn’t they?!

Then again the Times is just another sufferer of Hydroxychloroquine Derangement Syndrome.

They actually want you to believe that it’s the prospect of gaining tens of dollars – not saving American lives — that’s the motivation behind President Trump’s support of hospitals using hydroxychloroquine on Wuhan patients. more here

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  1. Dr. Birx literally stated during today’s briefing that they are listing almost all deaths with any signs of covid as cause of death being caused by covid.

  2. I’m invested in companies that make migraine meds, alzheimer meds, cancer meds, and depression meds; among others.

    Does that mean I want you to use them? Fuck NO, that shit is horrible.

    Progs don’t think. Not for one second.

  3. seriously, we can thank trump for killing the nyt and wapo, etc etc

    from here on in, they are a joke looking for a laugh, or a whore selling a cheap trick

  4. PDT donates his Presidential salary every year to the US

    like I said, I’m not that good at math … but I’m pretty sure his salary is a whole shitload more than his paltry profit from his piteous stake in a drug company’s stock (NYT estimates somewhere between $1450 to $99)… considering that hydroxychloroquine is manufactured for 5 cents apiece & sold generically

  5. Thump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) plus Hydroxychoroquine Derangement Syndrome (HDS) equals Total Derangement Syndrome (TDS). In fact it’s Total BS.

    Obviously, the shares are being held in one of the grandkids names in an offshore account. The big money will be pulled in when the US Government buys billions of this dangerous, untested medicine to send to Africa and South America. This needs to be investigated immediately by the House Intelligence Committee. They’ve got him now!

  6. The left ALWAYS projects what they are themselves guilty of.

    Follow the money: it’ll lead to pelosi, biden, obama, clinton and kerry.

  7. The NYT and Wapo sure do make fine toilet paper. I expect they caused toilet paper hoarding so more people would buy their rag.

  8. MOAON AABE – I agree.

    Most Pharma companies are trading LOWER since the Virus has become an issue.

    A woman I was talking to today who works for Johnson & Johnson in their finance department told me that the amount of money that they are loosing due to postponed elective & other surgeries is destroying their bottom line & future guidance.
    According to her PPE & the types of thing needed for the virus issues are not high profit products.
    I truly do not know.

    Most pharma companies that my fund hold are down. Not as much as Oil, air travel, auto, cruise lines, but down.

    For Trump to wipe out hundreds of millions (personal properties & stocks) to make tens of millions personally is not possible.
    Mar a lago is obviously not making big bucks during this shit storm.

    The drug has NO PATENT and a very weak version of it is in TONIC WATER.

    TEVA, J&J, TAKEDA – all down from highs, like most of the other shit.

  9. The hysteria created by the Democrats and mainstream media has done more damage to this country than any virus could have.

  10. President Trump can’t prescribe a single pill to a single patient. PERIOD.

    Is his previously owning stock the same as Obola’s “investing” in swine flu vaccine manufacturing AFTER the fact?
    Let’s have a look at every dripping dick who makes (made) money off the Wuhan Flu Scam and every previous flu scam! Wait … that don’t sound rite … make that “every sleazy politician” instead.

    Is the NYT up to THAT?
    Yeah, thought not.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Just when you thought the NYT couldn’t sink any lower, they start using Mika Brezenski as their source.

  12. The statistics of blue states are heavily skewed to attack PDJT, note the profound difference in death rates between Red and Blue states.

    Another resistance narrative hoax perpetrated by the state’s the deep state controls (all Demonrat states)


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