Tensions as Yellow Vests Join French Retirement Protests

Newsmax: Paris police skirmished Saturday with yellow vest activists who joined a wave of protests against the government’s overhaul of France’s retirement system, as highway blockades and train stoppages by other protesters disrupted weekend travel around the country.

A few thousand yellow vest protesters marched from the Finance Ministry complex on the Seine River through southeast Paris, pushing their year-old demands for economic fairness — and adding the retirement reform to their list of grievances. Most marchers were peaceful but some threw projectiles or pushed riot officers, prompting repeated bursts of tear gas from police.

The marchers appear to be emboldened by the biggest national demonstrations in years Thursday that kicked off a mass strike-and-protest movement against President Emmanuel Macron’s redesign of the pension system.

As the strikes entered a third day Saturday, tourists and shoppers faced shuttered subway lines around Paris and near-empty train stations.

Truckers striking over a fuel tax hike disrupted traffic on highways from Provence in the southeast to Normandy in the northwest. A similar fuel tax is what unleashed the yellow vest movement a year ago, and this convergence of grievances could pose a major new threat to Macron’s presidency. read more

SNIP: The communist flag is a nice touch.

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  1. What the article fails to mention is that the ‘unions’ are communist/marxist. CGT for example. So it’s no wonder there is a Chicom flag.

    It’s no different in the US, except unions object to being called communist. When everything they do is “collective” and nothing is based on individual merit or achievement, what more do you need to know?

    Unions have no place in American society. They are now and always have been a communist tool. Just one more way to launder money and corrupt politicians with “contributions” extracted from the unwilling.

  2. The French are Revolting!

    Well, yeah, and so … ?

    Maricon, you fuggin slug! The frogs just don’t seem to understand that socialism is unsustainable. And unsustainable means it cannot be sustained.
    An ideology based on falsehoods can’t maintain its pretense forever – sooner or later – or on some rotation (Venezuela, for instance) – it collapses of its own contradictions.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Anymouse- LOL!
    Those freaks are rampant lately.

    Macron keeps saying he will throw more money at them. He’s not going to change any laws or whatever, but he’ll keep throwing more cash out. LOL. The whole country is like Chicago, with a foreign jihad.

  4. Macaroon is 41
    His wife is 66
    His Step sons are 44 & 42
    Macaroon is the youngest person in his family………


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