Terror attack in Mali- 2 killed


At least two people have been killed in a terror attack at a luxury resort frequented by tourists in Mali, with further casualties and hostages reported.

Security forces said operations against gunmen at Le Campement, outside the capital Bamako, are ongoing.

Officials confirmed a French-Gabonese citizen had been killed and another person whose nationality was not immediately known, while 32 guests have been rescued so far.

“I heard gunfire coming from the camp and I saw people running out of the site,” said Modibo Diarra, who lives nearby.
A spokesperson for the government described the attackers as “suspected jihadis”, while the EU Training Mission in Mali described the incident as a terror attack and said it was assisting local forces.
NO!! Impossible. Muslims?

8 Comments on Terror attack in Mali- 2 killed

  1. Never heard of the place. This 7/24/365 news from around the world drives me nuts.
    I don’t care what happened in your shit hole country

  2. Westerners with death wish vacation in a country whose inhabitants are 95% muzzie. I hope they were liberals.

  3. They are All Programmed to Make DEATH, Even when you Think They’ve Changed they Have’nt. Like Hypnotised People, They wait for The ” Call of Jihad ” and the’yre Killing White People !

  4. Ha, this is the place the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) people rolled out to placate blacks when discussing great cultures. So, instead of learning about Greeks and Romans laying the groundwork for the greatest civilization on Earth, my sons had to focus on mud huts. Look at the Great Mosque of Djenna (completed 1907) and then glance at the Hagia Sophia (competed 537) and tell me there is any comparison to cultural genius.


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