Terror Charges Possible for Intentional Spread of Virus

Newsmax: Those who spread the coronavirus intentionally may face criminal charges under federal terrorism laws, the Justice Department has warned, Politico reported on Wednesday.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen wrote in a memo to senior Justice Department officials, law enforcement agency heads and U.S. Attorneys nationwide  that “threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon against Americans will not be tolerated.” more here

11 Comments on Terror Charges Possible for Intentional Spread of Virus

  1. So no more licking ice cream and putting it back in the store freezer? What will “woke” people do for fun now?

  2. If you want to get your blood boiling, go to conservativeus.com. They have an article up with videos of Asian people doing just that. The two I bothered to watch were from Australia and Canada. There were more but I stopped watching because it was pissing me off. These bitches are nothing less than germ warfare saboteurs.

  3. Had two zipperheads stop in this small town with California tags on their cars. Never see an Asian here very often. Rental car? Chinese nationals? Just fleeing California? Last was a smoker. Maybe seeding the virus, maybe nothing who knows.

  4. zerohedge runs article that says italy’s death count coming down, lockdown working.

    You mean if there is no lockdown the death rate will never come down?

    That is the kind of unadulterated horseshit we can expect to see from now on.
    All the tyrannical measures the gov’t takes will be cheered as miracle working–without any fucking evidence at all.

  5. Howz about we “charge” the Chinese Commies? After all it originated there, they hid it from the rest of the world while allowing their germ carriers to fly around the world.

    I’d say that is akin to terrorism, if not all out warfare. Or am I not supposed to state the obvious?

  6. No need to bring terrorism charges. Just let the adults that catch these asshats spreading the KungFlu (coughing deliberately, licking, hand smearing, etc) and allow them to beat the unholy crap out of the spreaders, no charges filed for assault/battery. I’m sure there are enough vidcams around to prove the lickers were licking. Justice, swift and sure.

  7. Before I started letting my Petey B hard pack my fudge, I was spreading my unbleached elastic starfish at bathhouses across the country and most of Europe while planting A.I.D.S. to unsuspecting gay lovers. But I prayed to God he would cure me and he did! Then I met my Petey B and if he had A.I.D.S. I’d have it by now. Thanks God for miraculously healing me so I could marry another man and best of all, continuing to take it fast and furious up my unbleached elastic starfish!

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