Terrorist or Treat!

A New Jersey man has gone all out this year with the Halloween decorating and went with an Islamic State theme. It came complete with prisoner in a metal cage waiting to be burned and an executioner with a bloody knife and severed head at his feet.

ISIS themed Halloween

The man did compromise after complaints and removed the Obama mask from the terrorist executioner.


10 Comments on Terrorist or Treat!

  1. I like LaRethia’s display of the Gentle Giant Michael Brown laying face down on the ground, but I think she should amp it up a bit this year with a Travon on the other side of the lawn.

    Just a thought.

  2. Did he put the Obama mask on the “prisoner in a metal cage waiting to be burned”?!

    Asking for a friend.

  3. “You can’t handle the Truth!”

    I’m not offended.

    Why would New Jerseyers be offended by anything?
    They need to check out their Governor and Senator …

  4. Some of that stuff is pretty fck’n sick, like insane asylum sick. But the last thing I would get rid of would be the 0bama mask. 0bama raping the statue of liberty would be a good one to see on every block in every city.


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