Terrorists celebrate Trudeau’s election in Canada – IOTW Report

Terrorists celebrate Trudeau’s election in Canada


JihadWatch: “Allah Akbar and thanks to Allah, and the crumbling of the Crusader alliance continues. #Canada stops its strikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.” The Islamic State jihadis know who their friends and allies are, although they don’t seem to have noticed that Obama’s airstrikes are largely cosmetic in nature and face-saving in purpose, and aren’t a genuine attempt to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State.


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  1. I feel sorry for all the good Canucks and cheese heads living N of the border from me. Good luck with Pierre Trudeau’s son up there, you’re going to need it. And don’t ever trust anyone named Pierre in the first place. Some of my relatives are Canadian, nieces and nephews and Americans as well since their mother was American married to a Canadian guy from Calgary.

  2. Now your kindly neighborhood terrorists have two victories under their belts in North America. First was Hussein Obama’s in the US and Turdeau’s in Canada! The gun control nuts were right you don’t always have to shoot in order to win (see Europe for an example). Sometimes the lemmings knowingly and stupidly do
    it to themselves!

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