Tesla owner gives lame excuse for DUI

ArsTechnica: A San Francisco Tesla owner has learned the hard way that Tesla’s Autopilot feature does not excuse getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. On Saturday, January 13, police discovered a man in his Tesla vehicle on the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that “the man had apparently passed out in the stopped car while stuck in the flow of busy bridge traffic at 5:30pm, according to the California Highway Patrol.”

When police woke the man up, he assured officers that everything was fine because the car was “on autopilot.” No one was injured in the incident, and the California Highway Patrol made a snarky tweet about it:  [the rest is here]

6 Comments on Tesla owner gives lame excuse for DUI

  1. too bad the tesla didn’t spontaneously combust, that would’ve learned him.
    cause of death, Tesla caught on fire while driver was intoxicated and passed out with car autopilot engaged stuck in evening traffic.

    stupid drunk snowflake, burn!

  2. In defense of the driver, If I found myself in the San Francisco, Oakland Bay area….I’d have to be hitting the bottle quite heavily also.

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