Tesla Subsidiary Fined Millions of Dollars For (allegedly) Deceiving Government

They paid 30 million in fines, yet admitted to no wrongdoing – so we have to say “allegedly.”


The Justice Department’s probe targeted a program enacted during the Obama administration seeking to subsidize panel installations to encourage solar panel adoption. Solar companies received federal grants equal to 30 percent of the full cost of a solar system.

SolarCity’s increasingly bizarre business practices have come under scrutiny recently. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), for instance, began investigating the company earlier this year for not telling investors about the number of customers who canceled contracts for solar energy systems. California-based Sunrun is also being investigated.

SolarCity has continually knocked down any accusation of wrong-doing. The company “has remained focused on reporting the quality of our installed assets, not pre-install cancellation rates,” a spokeswoman told reporters at the time of the SEC probe. “Our growth projections have always been based on actual deployments.”


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  1. I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya! I just can’t believe that anyone that cares so much more than us peons about our fragile environment would run any kind of scam.

  2. Just looked at Chicago and cheesehead game and feel like I watched a sitcom with canned laughter. Just like tesla fake, fake, fake. Not sure if fans are for real because you never know with Chicago and Green Bay. The Atm finally toned down the sound. It’s like they are intentionally trying to make it look like it’s important and people are interested. Fucking assholes screwed all of my favorite sport up!

  3. I’m so pissed. I just listened to Chris Stirewalt (what the fuck ever) on his boy friends new show on FOX. Purina Dog Chow. This cock sucker is a total anarchist. Hes been fucking with everyone. If you get a chance please watch this. I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor. This guys a total commie. Or retarded as hell.

  4. I’m not even sure if I understand this; Are we looking at a liberally subsidized scam that has actually scammed the subsidizers??

  5. PHenry is well off topic again.
    I just think that BFH and MIA are national treasures.
    How can they cause me to become closer to God?
    It’s complicated but they did. I won’t explain it here.
    Let’s just say that they are blessings

    I’m only beginning to understand all of the dynamics of this.

    Did I say I was off topic?

  6. jellybean, yes, they greatly over-exaggerated (lied about) their business activity and i am sure they are happy to get away with only 30m in fines

  7. Let’s see… Do I believe The Government offered to kick back some of the money they take from the peasants, to the guys that kick back money to the The Government in exchange for kick backs? And somebody decided to go full gangster and just stole the whole truck load, without kicking anything back? Or do I believe The Government that steals from the peasants, and calls it “taxes”, then steals the rest and calls it “forfeiture” — hey, Consiglieri Sessions, how you been? — just decided to steal back what they could, before shutting things down? Sweet Meteor of Cleansing Fire, you there? No? Then I guess that when it’s all thieves, all around, stealing from each other, whoever’s holding the loot in the end, is guaranteed least entitled to it.

  8. One word:
    We was robbed.
    A show of hands please:
    Who wants a Tesla now?
    Musk is a crook, do de name Madoff ring any bells, Kingfish?

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