Tesla’s Cybertruck Makes “Smashing” Debut


Tesla’s futuristic new Cybertruck has armored glass windows that founder Elon Musk referred to as “transparent metal” during tonight’s reveal. Unfortunately, it’s not as tough as Musk thought it would be, and the vehicle’s glass was smashed after being hit with a large steel ball bearing during a demo. More

Still the geeks all seem really impressed with the truck equivalent to a Delorean. Here

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  1. Tell me one good reason why I would buy a POS stealth fighter looking truck from this snake oil salesman? I am not a fan of Elon musk nor his overpriced POS vehicles as if you couldn’t tell. Nor am I a snob who buys one of POS vehicles to prove that I’m hip and with it and a sucker.

  2. It looks like a design from the 80’s trying too hard to look futuristic. Ugly & dumb. I wonder if it has orange shag carpeting.

  3. Why is Tesla building a bulletproof truck? Why are taxpayers subsidizing it? What freako world are they preparing for that we should know about?

    Fact check: just because the glass won’t stop a fist sized steel ball doesn’t mean it’s not bulletproof. Mass x velocity vs impact area is the key equation.

  4. “Fact check: just because the glass won’t stop a fist sized steel ball doesn’t mean it’s not bulletproof.”

    But that should have been tested before doing a demonstration claiming it’s bulletproof. That steel ball demonstration doesn’t exactly inspire confidence among the general public which is what it was supposed to do.

  5. The Prosecutors from the OJ murder trial now represent Tesla in their PR Dept.

    If only Elon could sense embarrassment like us mortals.
    Is his middle name Stunad?

  6. That’s a truck? Remember when guys used to take a torch to the roof of a car and make it a truck? They looked better than this.

  7. I’m a fanatic about my vehicles, I clean them meticulously and tend to the maintenance etc. I have to admit that the idea of his frame concept appeals to me not having to deal with some douchebag dinging my paint job in a parking lot. That alone makes me want that idea incorporated in my next vehicle.

  8. Bulletproof glass shatters if you shoot it. The point is nothing comes through.

    Why even make this part of the rollout? Electric truck carries shit and has more automation than the space shuttle. End of story. Why pile on the James Bond stuff.

    Let O’Gara, Hess and Eisenhardt handle armoring cars.

  9. Saturn had dent proof doors made out of plastic. Decades ago.

    This pile was made from leftover steel from Elon’s trashcan with fins that exploded on the pad.

    Don’t say anything critical about this thing in YouTube comments unless you want the angry sycophants released on you. They defend this thing more than the left defends islam and 57 genders outside of white male; literally personally insulted.

  10. Musk is just like Edison.
    Edison stole Tesla’s ideas, Musk stole his name.
    Both Musk and Edison rode others ideas to wealth.
    Both Edison and Musk use other peoples money to pay the bills.

  11. Pop some corn while Ford’s Mach-E electric Mustang SUV joins the ranks of Teslas that no one wants or can afford.

    Musk will be a little busy in court next year to have much time on the auto show stage. He’ll try to defend himself against slander charges.

    Ass-burgers is no fun, huh Elon.


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