Tester: I Have Not Seen A Democratic Candidate Who Appears Capable of Winning Back Rural America

WFB: Sen. Jon Tester (D., Mont.) said he has not yet seen a Democratic presidential candidate with a shot of winning back rural America during an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday.

“You gave a speech making the case that Democrats actually do have a shot at winning back rural america. But you said they can’t promise things that don’t make sense like free college or jobs for everybody. Have you seen a Democratic candidate that fits that description for you?” host Margaret Brennan asked.

“No, but I have seen some policies come out of some Democrats that fit that description,” Tester said. “And I think it’s important that we stay connected with reality. College is too high. We need to figure out ways to drive it down, but I’m not sure that there doesn’t need to be skin in the game if you go to college. The same thing with health care. And one other proposal that was put out said you’re going to have a job, the job’s going to pay livable wages. You just can’t do that. It’s not that easy. It would be great — it’s great to say it, but it’s hard to implement it. Let’s be grounded in common sense and move forward.”

“So the bottom line is that whoever comes out of this 24, 25 people who are running for president, needs to be able to connect with rural america. You do that by applying common sense,” Tester added.

A Pew survey from last year found rural voters moving increasingly towards the Republican Party. These voters also held more negative attitudes towards immigration, abortion, and government intervention than urban and suburban voters.

Rural voters overwhelmingly supported President Donald Trump in 2016.  VIDEO

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  1. “I Have Not Seen A Democratic Candidate Who Appears Capable of Winning Back Rural America”

    …which is what the “Popular Vote Compact” is all about, to make sure they don’t have to CARE…

    …Democrats. Silencing annoying opposing viewpoints since 1789.

  2. Well, his eyes are working.

    As long as the NY to Washington media corridor is picking the candidate, they are screwed.

    Beto O’Rourke getting close on Cruz has been their high watermark so far. And everyone saw how he wilted under the spotlight of the slightest national scrutiny.

    The media racketeering needs to be exposed as they actively collude to undermine our elections.

  3. “College is too high. We need to figure out ways to drive it down…”

    It is real simple. Get Gov. out of the business of underwriting tuition and allow the free market to work and you will see tuition rates come down very quickly.

  4. Tester is telling the truth about the Demographic-Socialists-Reparations-Homosexualists Pary’s candidates. He occasionally gets caught telling the truth about something once in a while.

  5. Several commenters have questioned Tester’s physical appearance and ask whether or not his state couldn’t do better.

    Well, maybe so.

    But he does CARRY A LOT OF WEIGHT!!!

    Just sayin’.

  6. Rural Americans and identity politics just don’t complement each other. And just like Australian’s demonstrated last week, rural Americans know that a green new deal is the end of J-O-B-S.

  7. Good question, bob! I’ve been asking that since his first victory. The ONLY talent Sen. Fester has demonstrated – beyond eating too much – is his uncanny ability to successfully lie to us here in MT.

    We’ve pockets of dependency here in MT (Indian Reservations) and several libidiot “urban areas”, some with bastions of academia, that slightly outnumber the areas populated by sensible, sane and patriotic folk. It’s very embarrassing.

  8. ‘Rats generally do well in urban shitholes they control, control being the obvious reason they tend to do so well.
    Hey, name a single US city where a Republican got 80% or better of the votes.


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