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Testing Alec Baldwin’s Revolver Theory

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Baldwin claims he didn’t pull the trigger. Is that possible?

See the tests on the same model gun.

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  1. Parking ones booger-hook on the trigger is “pulling it.” Add to that using a hammer as your fidget spinner is worse.

    Still a negligent discharge.

  2. I love that starting pic of the video with Baldwin on the left.
    Just fucking shot two people, killing one and still has hold of his goddamn mask!
    Likely wore the motherfucker when he fired the gun.
    The whole set was fucked & limited due to total bullshit covid protocol.
    That was admitted to.

    In fact, the woman he shot could be more legitimately listed as a covid death than 90% of actual deaths.
    For fucks sake!

  3. Funny, but Hickok 45 has shown a round going off on a SAA with no trigger pulling on not one, but at least TWO YouTube videos that I’ve seen.

    But then, he’s only been vlogging firearms for 2000+ videos over 13 years, so it’s possible that because you couldn’t make it happen, him doing it two separate times years apart was just a fluke.

    Now, please, tell us how you can spot the difference between a non-firing dummy round designed to look like the real thing (a full cylinder’s worth of which were supposed to be loaded for the rehearsal in question) and one or more live rounds (NONE of which should have been in the same zip code on the day). Neither the armorer nor her double-checker, whose entire job function was to prevent exactly what happened from happening managed to spot the screw-up that enabled the tragedy, but you had a whole video to explain how you’d do it differently, but not a peep; you’ve left us all hanging. Maybe next time, huh?

    Lastly, it’s obvious to Stevie Wonder from space how a live round got in the gun: the armorer, who had two complete safety bulletins, with 79 specific dos and don’ts for firearms and ammunition on production sets, flagrantly and negligently ignored something like 50 to 60 of those regs. There’s no other way this happens.
    When the rules that have prevented injuries and deaths for 28 uninterrupted years on movies until last October, including on Heat, Saving Private Ryan, and three John Wick movies (to name but a few of the 20,000 movies in that period) are completely thrown out by the exact people supposed to follow them religiously, bad things happen.

    The script called for a camera view right down the barrel of the pistol as it was to be fired. Everyone on set knew this days and even weeks in advance, including in the moment, at the rehearsal, which was why a gun was pointed at the camera (and the crew behind it) on the day.
    What no one can explain is how any armorer could be so incompetent as to
    a) bring a live weapon to set, instead of an actual prop gun which couldn’t chamber a live round
    b) load it with live ammo, which is never supposed to even be on a production set for first unit work
    c) not have conspicuously marked live rounds vs dummy rounds, so that any idiot could have seen what was loaded, exactly as Hollywood safety regulations require.

    There was one person responsible for all this and more, and her name wasn’t Alec Baldwin.
    (He was also one of multiple producers on the movie, and Baldwin was none of the producers or crew responsible for hiring, firing, on-set operations, set safety, or anything else. He provided the screenplay, in exchange for a producer credit. That’s the full extent of his “producing”.)
    The armorer is the culprit in the killing of the cinematographer.
    Pretty much every prop master and armorer in Hollywood knew this within about a minute after it happened.
    The 2d AD who did a slipshod job of double-checking the loading to prevent what happened bears a similar share of the guilt over the incident, which is why assistant directors are not normally responsible for loading, checking, nor handling any weapons on set, ever. They have zero experience or training in doing it right, as this incident proved yet again.

    Baldwin’s an anti-gun douchebag, and the karma of being the one handed a live round in a live weapon unbeknown to anyone present, and then being the one holding the weapon when it went off, is breathtaking payback for all his bloviation against guns over the years in the grand scheme of things, but as much as we’d all love to pin this death on him, you could swap out any one of 50,000 other professional actors on that set, and they’d all have had the same tragic result with such an incompetent and criminally negligent armorer and flunkie double-checker as the two clowns responsible that day..

    But what do I know? I’ve only worked on Hollywood production sets for twenty years, worked in the gun business (retail and wholesale) since the late 1980s, shot guns for forty years and counting, and done single-action cowboy action competition for ten-plus years. And I’ve dug into every bit of information released to the public about this incident since the day this hit the news.

    You obviously care about what you’re doing, and you’re a fellow gun guy.

    So please, take a little bit more time, and do it just a tad better.

    Best Wishes,

  4. … and that’s why it’s called Aesops fables…!

    ALWAYS treat your firearm as if it is loaded!
    ALWAYS check your firearm to see if it is loaded!
    If you don’t know how to check, find someone who knows!

    I’ve handled firearms for over 65 years, professionally!

  5. It’s only being made complicated by a Liberal jerk who knows he’s guilty as hell trying to fog up the process!

    This is real simple. YOU take full responsibilty for the gun that is in YOUR hand! Show me a Hollywood Liberal who takes responsibility for their actions! They always blame someone/something else!

  6. I have seen Hickock45 fire a SA revolver by hitting the hammer with a block of wood.
    That said, it wasn’t an Italian replica of a Colt that they used on set.

    Obviously live rounds in the gun is a key issue.
    “You know that scene in Green Mile when we give the guy the electric chair? How was I to know it was actually connected to 480 volt 3 phase? DOH!”

    One question I have for the gun experts:
    The firing pin on the replica in this video is not totally fixed, kind of spring loaded.
    Is that common in any firearm?

  7. it’s like trying to distinguish between Joe Biden crapping his pants or accidentally crapping his pants. Semantics.

  8. Amusing that in many of the Zane Grey stories the heroes have set the pistols up to fire WITHOUT TRIGGER PULL. In fact it is part of story that “his revolver had no trigger.”

    Said it before, say it again, your single action can be set up to fire with only the hammer cocking and rotating the cylinder and I’m no gunsmith. Was the gun in question set up to fire with only the hammer pull? I seriously doubt it.

    Let’s go shoot some cowboy… (SASS)

    Took a while to find the video so not sure what comments have been posted while I was “composing…”

    Want to see (very old video) clones of the those old outmoded guns from back in the day can do with the right person running them? Ten rifle, ten pistol, four shotgun, no misses. Faster than the semis’s can run…

  9. Funny, but Hickok 45 has shown a round going off on a SAA with no trigger pulling on not one, but at least TWO YouTube videos that I’ve seen.>>>

    Don’t leave us in suspense. Tell us how it was done, and when you do, do you think Baldwin did the same thing?

  10. Changing reworking the “sear” on any firearm gives it the ability to fire as not designed or Full Auto. Explaining is perhaps inappropriate. There’s NO WAY Baldwin would have/could have. An “Armourer” perhaps.

    Imagine Brad could explain in laymen’s terms, but I can’t…

    The joke on the range was that Anymouse was not allowed to be in possession of anything resembling a screw driver or other tool. And the alias there was not Anymouse

  11. Sippin’ Coffee,

    Boogger Hook?
    Hammer as a Fidget Spinner?

    I just snotted into my Coffee….

    (was not ready to laugh and my mouth was full)

  12. No gun expert, but believe I’m familiar with what end of the barrel the bullet comes out of…

    Above question on “The firing pin on the replica in this video is not totally fixed, kind of spring loaded.
    Is that common in any firearm?”

    It’s NOT spring loaded, it’s pinned and my “secondary/backup” “J-frame” 50’s manufacture has the pinned Firing Pin on the hammer with NO hammer block. Drop it with the hammer on a live round and you may get a dent in the primer or maybe worse…

  13. Without looking at the video the firing pin IS NOT “Flexible.” The firing pin is in fact hardened steel with a hole in the back of it where the pin goes through it fixing it into the hammer. There is a SLIGHT movement in the pin up/down in the hammer which is probably what you saw. Some are pinned, some are part of the hammer (solid), some inside the frame activated by the strike of the hammer which is flat surfaced.

    Don’t know if I’m explaining or making it more confusing…
    Again, I ain’t any kind of a “Smith.” (jewelry or gun)

    Maybe to tell a SNS story from when I held the FFL…

    Can’t now two errands to run…

  14. To make it go bang you have to have the hammer strike, PERIOD.

    Either striking the back of the hammer without a hammer block and a live round under the hammer, or manually pulling back the hammer and allowing it to come forward to strike the primer in the cartridge in the cylinder under the hammer. Watch the kid work his pistols again, it’s amazing how fast he can run them.

    Wait another OLD video…
    Draw and fire five on target, holster, draw second pistol five on target (ten rounds) less than the time it took you to read this…

    Some of these guys are faster than any semi or “auto” (civilian version) can run…

    Check back later…

  15. Is the guy holding the pistol responsible for what the pistol does, or isn’t he?
    Pretty fuckin simple.

    I remember a case where a mugger claimed the pistol “went off by accident” and killed the muggee. The judge ruled that if the gun hadn’t been pointed at the muggee’s head, it couldn’t have killed him, accidentally or not – thus the mugger was found “guilty.”

    But that was long ago in a universe far away.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Aesop
    It’s good seeing you here. Anything mechanical sooner or later will fail. Highly doubtful that was the issue here. I to am a SAA nut. I shoot the heck out of them and own anything from old Ruger 3 screws to Ubertis and a couple Colts. A couple of those Colts have box stock trigger pulls of about 2 pounds. They have surprised me a few times. Another possibility but still highly doubtful. I think most SAA shooters would agree that at the point in time when he cocked back that hammer he was committed. And responsible. An arrogant piece of shit that he is has killed more people than my entire arsenal.
    I hope to see you post here more often.

  17. “I don’t know what happened, it just went off” is a common claim by damn near every defendant in a firearms murder trial. And that is essentially what Baldwin claims also. Not buyin it.

  18. latest development is that “armorer” chick is suing the ammo supplier. I think her middle initials are CYA


    Wandering around I found this one on Breitbart and it explains it DUH! Never occurred to me that as he was saying he didn’t pull the trigger… Yeah, when he drew the gun he depressed the trigger while drawing and held it down.
    I Have never “fanned” while shooting, but have “slip hammered” If the targets were close enough. Doing either you simply hold the trigger down and as fast as you cock the hammer it drops and fires. On “Speed Stages” Cowboy Shooting you will have Dump Targets (large and close) one for each rifle, pistol and shotgun where if practiced at it you can slip Hammer the pistol for times in the low teens or less. Not for newbies as you never cock the gun until well clear of the holsters. I once witnessed someone shoot themselves in the leg cocking/drawing before clearing the holster. Lucky to have not nicked the femoral artery…
    From the article…

    “Well, unless this particular gun was damaged to a point where it could not be used, there’s only one way this could have happened… Baldwin pulled the trigger. But he didn’t pull the trigger to fire the gun. Instead, he pulled the trigger when he grabbed it for the cross draw. He then kept the trigger depressed, which would allow the hammer to snap forward and fire the gun when he let go of the hammer.”

    Okay, I’m done now…

  20. Baldwin has said in sworn affidavits that he thumbed the hammer.
    He did not say he fully cocked it, and he could have easily released it before reeaching half-cock, and had enough force to strike and set of a primer that wasn’t supposed to be in the same zip code, let alone the cylinder of a prop gun. The fact that some YouTube boob couldn’t do it with not-the-gun-used-in-the-incident proves nothing.

    When not one, but two people, expressly responsible to check the loads, tell you they’ve done it, you’re no more responsible for what happens afterwards than a driver is responsible for a mechanic who forgot to connect his brakes, or a pilot whose jetliner engine detaches and becomes a bomb, both of which have happened IRL. In neither case was the person who touched the vehicle last charged. The law isn’t soccer rules, and the common sense behind that is obvious.

    The NM D.A. knows this as well as anyone, which is why she hasn’t charged Baldwin. If she was going to do that she could have done so within 4 days’ time.
    And the only crew member not to go on the record with the D.A., but to instead “lawyer up” first, was Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 20-something incompetent PropTwit/armorer who got those people killed, through gross and global incompetence. She’s admitted she was half-assing her way through her first low-budget p.o.s. movie, the one before this one, and she was screamed at by cast and crew then too, for not knowing when weapons were loaded or not. Seems to be a pattern there somewhere, huh?

    The miracle isn’t that she got someone killed, it’s that it took her two movies and twelve days on the second one to do it.

    Baldwin, annoying as it is to gun people, did absolutely nothing wrong, and could have done nothing to prevent what happened, short of being somewhere else that day. All him visually “checking” the gun would have revealed was the exact brass casings on dummy rounds in the cylinder that were supposed to be there. He was rehearsing a scene where he was supposed to point and fire at the camera, which is what he did. It was supposed to be with dummy rounds for rehearsal, and eventually, a blank or blank rounds once they rolled film.

    For the cinematically ignorant, they don’t “use mirrors” for that. (A mirror would make everything backwards.) It’s asinine and ignorant to even suggest.

    Only one person was in charge of properly loading the weapon, that person wasn’t Baldwin, and the person in charge of that failed to do her job competently. The AD doing the double-check failed as well.

    Those are your culprits, and such was apparent within days of all the facts coming out.

    Content yourselves with giving Baldwin crap for holding the gun that killed two of his friends and one of his film colleagues. He owns that, and will long after he’s dead, and all his anti-gun bloviations have come back to bite him right in the ass.

    What they don’t do is make him criminally chargeable for any crime.
    Bummer for the lynch mob, but fortunate for justice.
    Didn’t Rittenhouse teach the chowderheads anything at all?

  21. And I note without surprise that to date, no one, here or anywhere on the Internet, has explained how they could’ve magically spotted the live rounds by “checking” the gun, and known they weren’t dummy rounds, but actually live rounds.

    Because they cannot do so, because it cannot be done.
    Unless the propmaster/armorer knows how to do her job properly, and does it.

    Game, Set, Match.

  22. I understand from a layman’s perspective of why the bastard Baldwin could be absolved from some responsibility, but doesn’t his behavior cause one to believe he is an uncooperative witness at the very least?

  23. Gun can’t fire at quarter or half cock. Quarter is locked as carry, and half cock is loading.

  24. A 1911 has a quarter cock to keep the pin off the primer in the instance of something bad. For instance dropping your pistol from horseback. On to the ground. How it hits, however it hits.

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