Texan Used Gun to Save Wife from Two Armed Robbers, Says Sheriff


A Katy, Texas, man used his gun to stop two armed robbers from stealing his wife’s purse when they came out of a grocery store. The man shot both of the alleged robbers, causing them to flee.

A couple from Katy went to a local bank and then their grocery store on Saturday afternoon. When they came out of the grocery store, two men approached them and pulled out guns as they demanded the woman surrender her purse, according to officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Katy is a suburban town located west of Houston.

Detectives called the two men “juggers” and said they watched the couple as they left the bank and went to the grocery store, KTRK ABC13 reported. As the couple left the grocery store, the two men pulled up in a black Cadillac SUV and parked in front of the couple’s vehicle.  more here

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  1. “Juggers?”

    Close, I guess.

    Say, Fur, a small nit to pick: do you reckon a talented artist like you could fix the grip angle on the revolver drawing? It’s all wrong…

    Thanks; I’m a lover of S&W revolvers.

  2. @Brooke: “WTF is a ‘jugger’?”

    Give it a few hours, and I’m sure the msm will let us all know.
    That would be the bi-assed msm

  3. “Juggers”:

    Criminals who sit in vehicles in or near bank parking lots looking for possible victims leaving a bank who carry bank or paper bags, briefcases, satchels or the like, then rob them at their first stop after leaving the bank.

    (From The Urban Dictionary)

  4. This incident is entirely too close. I shop and bank at those two establishments which are less than a mile from my home. This is a well established area with middle class residences, no some slummy intercity area. Unfortunately there has been too much of this type of stuff going on lately. That’s why I carry 24/7. I do my errands in the early mornings as most of these kinds of slimes are still in bed at that time. I have one more year before my bride retires then we are retiring to the hills of Kentucky.
    Living in Harris county ain’t no fun no more.

  5. Juggers? Is that like wiggers, only Jewish rather than white?

    By the way, isn’t the thug life culturally appropriating East Indian culture? The original thugs worshipped Cali, the Hindu goddess of death.

  6. WTF, two petty criminals driving a pricy ‘Cadillac’! Whatever happened to the grab and snatch bicycle riders?

  7. Easy to replace the damaged tire and other damages to the car………seize and sell the “juggers” car to pay for it all.


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