Texas: 2-year jail term for illegal alien who killed man and 2 children

Woman speaks out after family is killed by illegal immigrant.

“I miss their kisses,” she said. “I miss everything about them on a daily basis.”

15 Comments on Texas: 2-year jail term for illegal alien who killed man and 2 children

  1. Ok where are the open-border immigrants? Why do we need to have criminals like this in our country? I want the liberals to suffer like these people do.

  2. A story of hundreds of families who have been torn apart by illegal immigrants.
    Those who advocate and enact sanctuary cities and states are subject to Federal laws and must be prosecuted and held responsible for the carnage and costs of illegal immigration.

  3. If a citizen did everyone a favor and wiped out one of these rat people, it would be life without parole.

  4. I sure would like to know who was with us, and who was against us, in the law enforcement community. I’ve got to believe we are close to a tipping point.

  5. Stick this in your memory bank so when some asshole liberal asks why we are so adamantly against illegals, you can righteously shove this in their face, up their ass or whatever other physical intrusion may fit the occasion.

  6. I am telling you; We are being forced into starting the 2nd ‘civil war’ and they are beside themselves wondering why we are so fucking patient because they have convinced themselves that if WE start it……they will attract the sympathizers and reign triumphant.
    And I say…..Fuck them.

  7. I was very curious about this so I did some additional research. I assumed the illegal immigrant was intoxicated, but he wasn’t. This is from an article I found on the net (only relevant parts were copied and pasted: “The convicted killer, Margarito Quintero Rosales, told authorities he fell asleep at the wheel, and his van drifted into the oncoming lane. He struck the Hackings’ car, killing all three. Criminal defense attorney Toby Shook said a longer sentence would require proving an intent to kill. ‘If it’s just an accident then the state has to prove criminal negligence which is a much higher standard,’ Shook said.”

    From another article: “Rosales was sentenced to the maximum punishment for criminally negligent homicide. In a plea deal, Rosales received only two years in prison. With 537 days subtracted for time served, he went to prison for a paltry measure of time.”

    Sickening and disgusting.

  8. I suspect this is the reason for the sentence: (taken from POTUS Trump’s immigration reform paper given today to the Congress):

    v. Clarify the definition of a criminal conviction for immigration purposes, to prevent jurisdictions from vacating or modifying criminal convictions to protect illegal immigrants, and roll back erosion of the criminal grounds of removal by courts under the categorical approach.


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