Texas: 3rd explosion in Austin this month


Daily Caller: Police, FBI Investigate Deadly Explosions In Austin, Texas – 3rd Linked Incident This Month.

UPDATE (4:00 pm ET)Austin Police have confirmed that all three incidents are viewed as related. The ATF is handling the investigation and is being supported by the FBI and local police.

APD Chief Brian Manley told reporters following Monday’s second bombing that “do not have a specific ideology or victimology that we have identified.”  STORY HERE

12 Comments on Texas: 3rd explosion in Austin this month

  1. One picture I saw today was of an elderly black gentleman standing on a porch watching as the paramedics worked on someone. Broke my heart and pissed me off all at the same time. I have no patience for racist. Either color.

  2. The FBI is investigating?
    They couldn’t find one psycho kid in Florida (apparently there were several Nikolas Cruzs in the phone book and it confused them).
    Forever Baffled Idiots…

  3. Yeah, don’t worry, the FBI is on the case. It only took them 18 years to catch the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, and that wasn’t until Ted’s brother tipped them off.

    I do hope they catch the coward or cowards behind this soon.

  4. F4U Corsair, it’s not just the incompetence, it’s also the corruption. At this point, I am worried about the FBI being involved in a false flag operation or covering up a weaponized hate crime hoax.. Anything to get away from Trump’s success and get back to sowing Obama Era racial discord again.


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