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Texas: Abbott Ends State Mask Mandate But Bill To Stop Local Mandates Sits In The State House

Texas people better start making some phone calls.

National File:

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced a hollow victory Tuesday, ending his state’s mask mandate and statewide COVID-related anti-business orders that have prevented businesses from fully opening, including restaurant capacity restrictions. But Abbott has not managed to get Republicans in the state legislature to advance a bill to block local officials from imposing mask mandates. Also, corporations and private businesses can still maintain their own mask mandates, which obviously is a major driver of the masking of humanity. Thus, mask tyranny will continue in Texas.

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner complained that “this decision needs to be criticized and condemn in every part of the state” and pontificated, “We’re saying, ‘keep your masks on.’”

Abbott is allowing counties to enforce their own rules — so long as businesses can be 50 percent operable at minimum. However, Abbott made clear that county judges cannot punish mask refusers at this time. As of July 2020, 44 Texas counties had active mask orders but not all were mandates. read more

4 Comments on Texas: Abbott Ends State Mask Mandate But Bill To Stop Local Mandates Sits In The State House

  1. It means nothing unless you can keep the locals from throwing your ass out because you’re not wearing a mask. Or 2 masks. Or 3 masks…

  2. Doesn’t 2 masks mean the first (and therefore the second) don’t work?

    The logic reminds me of something I saw the other day: Doesn’t the B in LGBT means there are only two genders?

  3. So Abbott removes the mandate at the state level and the locals override it. Do you want Abbott to DICTATE that his rules be followed? isn’t this what we are railing against when a-holes like Cuomo, Wolf, and Whitmer dictate masks be worn?

    He is removing the state from the decision making. He has no say so over the locals just like we want the feds having no say so over the states. He has done what he should have done.

    Now the pressure is on the local governments. If they want to mask up that is on them and, to me, this gives the citizens MORE influence because they have greater access to locals pols.

    IMO the decision to mask up should be on the businesses themselves. Get government out of the picture totally. Businesses fall back on ‘they are making us do it’ excuse. Get rid of ALL mandates and see how many of those businesses keep their mask policy.

  4. If all the shitty democrat run/heavily influenced towns in Texas want to fuck themselves in the ass by carrying out mask mandates forever, then the crowds can feel free to go to places not run by complete assholes. My town will be mask motherfucking free.

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