Texas: Austin Neighborhood Deteriorating Due to Homeless Camping


Austin’s fall did not begin with the pandemic, the lockdowns, or the riots.

It began with Mayor Steve Adler and the city council, all Democrats, voting to allow homeless people to camp out all over town (except city hall). That happened in June 2019. Within mere days, as police were no longer allowed to curb or control homeless camping, tent cities appeared all over town. They appeared under overpasses and on sidewalks, and in this case, on a watershed slope between a nice neighborhood and a creek.

An Austin resident noticed a couple of campers next to his neighborhood, Windsor Park, and began capturing this shocking video of them. more

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  1. A small first step would be to vote those who enabled this mess, Adler and the council, out of office.

    That’s a VERY small first step, and VERY unlikely to happen. Austin has been taken over by people from Somewhere Else. They left where they came from because those places sucked. Those places sucked because of the terrible policies of who they voted for. And those who came to Austin were too damned stupid to see any connection.

    I have tons of sympathy for the Texans who didn’t vote for this, didn’t ask for this, mess. For the prog noobs: no sympathy. You broke it, you buy it.

  2. Democrats are Orc filth. The mayor of Austin is doing this because the state government is dominated by Republicans; so they’re trashing up the capital city to impugn GOP leadership. Democrat filth are doing everything in their power to make sure the US can no longer function as a country. Cities aren’t safe. Roads aren’t safe. Streets aren’t safe. The “health care” system can no longer be trusted. The schools won’t open. No one can go to work. Nobody can run a business. Elections can’t be trusted.

    Democrats should be treated like a hostile invading army, with all that entails.

  3. Hmm…the adage to not shit where you sleep is being ignored by those in Austin who allow people to literally do that! I feel for those real Americans who live there and do not support this situation. I wish we could give the Left certain areas of the country with a peaceable separation and let them feel the pain of their stupid choices.

  4. Let me guess… predominately conservative neighborhoods.
    I’m not much for vigilantism, but in this case….

  5. Everywhere you go, here are “Keep Austin Weird” signs.
    You know how much inter-city competition there is these days?

  6. @Braden Lynch

    I used to think the same thing, I have since realized they would never tolerate such a situation.
    First of all they want the entire enchilada and secondly they know they could never survive without the taxes from hard working patriots.
    And third, they are self-centered liberal ASSHOLES.

  7. Last time I visited Austin, 8 out of 10 yards displayed “Beto” signs. Very aggressive bums, sometimes four per intersection. Today, I wouldn’t go there on a bet.

  8. Austin is its own little republic of lunacy and you see and feel it immediately going into the city limits. This is one of the east Austin neighborhoods that had cleaned itself up over the last ten years, was relatively affordable for working people including minorities and with one policy change it has been destroyed. They’ve run off the last of the conservative city council members and are fully committed to their liberal agenda. Good riddance.

  9. Austin Democrats , when asked, do not see any problem…if they see the video, they will be mad at the intrusion and spying. I know that it is difficult to get your mind around this but it answers many questions…Leftists are sub human missing a packet of genes without which you cannot recognize reality and therefore cannot grasp cause and effect. They cannot build but are able to destroy. They recognize that there is something missing so seak power for safety and Nihilism to bring society to ruin which is what a world would look like without superior humans who create civilization. This is not racism as it applies to everyone…either you are noble and seek to help your family and community to a better world or you are an high IQ animal…

  10. A simple something to start to do that may move things in the right direction.
    Simple garden pump pressure sprayer + household Clorox = spray on homeless & environs, clean up the bacteria etc. Repeat application often, as necessary.
    Oh, and if the homeless bums don’t like the smell of Clorox on themselves & their stuff & “homes” (/s), they wandered in, they can equally well wander out.

  11. SURPRISE, SURPRISE. ‘Who’da’ thought doing the same socialist shit would result in the same socialist shit. DOH! Head slap.

  12. would only s**t in austin from a safe altitude & speed, or from an angled-trough outside of tragic/travis county

  13. Considering this particular encampment was on a waterway, the EPA should have been called. Environmentalists vs homeless – it would have been fun to watch.

  14. Find out which public employees openly advocate for America’s downfall. I’m looking at you, NEA members. Make them house these derelicts until they realize pandering to parasites has problems.

  15. He keeps calling them “campers”. It is NOT a scout jamboree, it is mental illness on full display.


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