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Texas College Apartment Party Causes Floor to Collapse

Breitbart: A series of Facebook videos captured the moment the floor of a university student’s apartment fell out from under a dance party. At least 30 people were reported to be inside the apartment at the time of the collapse.


University of North Texas junior Abiola Busari hosted a homecoming party in this multi-story student apartment building. The videos capture the moment the floor caved in and the group of dancing and jumping revelers crashed from the third floor into the apartment below.  Watch

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  1. man, I once had that Abiola Busari …. nasty stuff; some sort of ‘jungle rot’ …. took months of anit-biotics to get rid of it

    @AA ~ Barbie sez, “Math is HARD!” … 😉

  2. “Firefighters and engineers will inspect the apartment to determine if any building codes were violated during construction”

    Think maybe a 5000 lb. cluster of people jumping around after construction had anything to do with it?

  3. The school will now require the retrofitting of Apartments with steel beams rather than wood construction.
    They will not be able to fix stupid!

  4. Back in the day our “band house” was on a high embankment on the waterfront and numerous small slides over the years left our living room with nothing underneath to support it. (The previous renters had used the space for a goat manger.) Needless to say we had wild parties and that concrete slab would bend under the weight of twenty to thirty drunk/stoned hippie-types wildly dancing. We were just damn lucky the thing didn’t collapse.

  5. Lucky no one was on the floor below, they surly would have died. Who would have been charged with reckless manslaughter charges? Why no one of course, because certain racial groups have banded together to make sure they are never held accountable.

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