7 Comments on Texas Democrat Running As “Religious Progressive” Penned Book Attacking Evangelicals

  1. The electorate is so damn stupid, this fraud will probably get elected. It’s depressing how STUPID people are.
    I was in WalFART this morn; only buy Rotella and Mobil 1 engine oil in that shithole because they are 25% cheaper than anywhere. Must have been 200+ people in there; every one with a *ucking mask on. They looked like *ucking zombies, dead looking eyes. No one noticed me w/o a mask.
    Nine months ago, I used to get looks for not having a mask. No more; their brains are mush. *uck em.

    “Lonely” in St Pete 🙂

  2. Someone else who needs to actually READ the Bible. Also, breaking one of the 10 Commandments right out of the gate. Using God’s name (in vain) for their own purposes.


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