Texas Dems Who Fled the State Are Being Funded by Beto O’Rourke and Willie Nelson

WJ: As Texas Democrats live out the words of a Willie Nelson song, the country music legend is among those chipping in so that Democratic legislators who fled the state do not have to return to Texas, where a vote on election integrity awaits. more

23 Comments on Texas Dems Who Fled the State Are Being Funded by Beto O’Rourke and Willie Nelson

  1. You mean funded by Beto’s rich wife. And Beto knows a thing or two about fleeing the law.

    And Willie knows a thing or two about fleeing his taxes.

    Which one bought the beer that the flea-baggers had on their charter plane? My money’s on Beto.

  2. …wasn’t Willie Nelson himself oppressed by overtaxing Big Government, to the point that he had to release a throwaway album named FOR the IRS just to stay out of jail?


    …proof that Democrats don’t learn even if it’s THEIR ox being gored, or that they are SO dedicated to controlling all humanity by the fist that they are blinded by hatred to the fact that the Leviathan they create will eat THEM in the end as well…

  3. Fresh Hell from Texas. The Counter Hopping Doofus and the Oldest Living Marijuana Peddler have teamed up to embarrass the Lone Star State one more time.

  4. That bitch that was arrested who led protesters (insurrectionists?) into the Hart office building….why isn’t she in solitary confinement in that prison where they have imprisoned the 1/6 capitol tourists for seven months?

  5. Big Bad Beto and Wee Winkie Willie are just trying to stay in the public eye and to be relevant. Ain’t going to happen with the majority of Texans. Met WWW at a small dance hall many moons ago and he gave me the creeps! Still does.

  6. Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be stinking leftist dirtbags like beto and willie!

  7. Willie is who he is. He hates the government due to his tax evasions he’s had to deal with. He’s just another liberal with the mindset of liberal entertainers. IMHO, they are the worse because they can spew their BS and people will believe it’s true. Willie Nelson ain’t no Reagon or John Wayne. He’s just a dope smoking hillbilly who IMHO isn’t that great of a singer. JMHO.

  8. Of course a man boy donning his notorious pit stains that spends his days carrying his skate board around Texas State impressing students in the square with his jumping on bar table skills is behind such an ineffective, embarrassing stunt. Kick of for his 2022 gov run. Nice to have a rich father-in-law and never have to work.


    Beto is a fraudster who’s never did anything for himself! Any money he’s given has most likely been his wealthy wife Amy Hoover Sanders money.
    So maybe you’d be more correct to say Willie Nelson and Amy Hoover Sanders.

    His own his wife won’t take his last name. What a cuck!

    Apologies for posting this is the wrong article earlier

  10. why don’t conservative country singers tell willie nelson to shove it up his ______

    libtards in entertainment think they have the right to cancel anyone they want.
    cancel that pothead.

  11. Probably illegal contributions, or bribes. Good luck finding a prosecutor or a judge for the case, however.

  12. No fool like an old fool – but Beano’s coming close.

    Hey Willie! Why do you think they call it dope?

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Willie and Beto are supporting them running. No surprise there.
    Gov. Abbott promising to continue to call special sessions and have any of them arrested on their return? Priceless.

  14. Remember when the Texas dims fled to Oklahoma to avoid legislation they didn’t like? Willie supported them then too.

  15. Haven’t heard anything from Kinky Friedman lately; let’s bring him on up here.
    TX needs better icons than Willie.


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