Texas: Driver Arrested After 100 MPH Chase in Big Rig



An extremely dangerous 100 mph big rig truck chase that led to Arlington, Texas has come to an end with the arrest of the driver.

According to CBS DFW, the chase started in Fort Worth when the suspect took off during a traffic stop.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, a police spokeswoman told reporters that the driver of the car kicked out his window and escaped before his vehicle burst into flame. The flames also set fire to the big rig.  read more

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  1. You’ll never get me copper!

    @reboot – if the guy driving the stolen truck had been British instead of mexican, the above comment would have meant something completely different.

  2. A friend and I were coming back from Portland to Spokane late one night back in 1971 on I-80 N. in the middle of nowhere alongside the Columbia River back when the speed limit was 75 mph and we were flying along at about 80-90 mph in his 1964 Dodge Dart when we were passed by a semi that must’ve been doing 90 or better, boy did that get our attention, he passed us like we were standing still and just kept on going driving like a bat out of hell. I didn’t think that semis could go that fast.

  3. Geoff; I drove truck for awhile* and independent truckers have the fastest rigs, and can easily hit 90+. While the rest of us were governed to 65 or less we’d get blown away by them like we were standing still. Thing is though, they ran like that to the next truck stop while we drove on. A little while later they’d blow past us again. This continued across the country and we’d arrive around the same time.
    * (Yes, Ive had a LOT of jobs. 23 if you count my paper route as a kid.)

  4. The ones I don’t like are the log and chip truck drivers of which we have an overabundance of. They’re crazy and I tend to avoid them if possible especially on our windy, narrow 2 lane roads we have in this part of the country. If one is behind me I will pull out as soon as I can and let him go by. I don’t trust the bastards, just because. I had to slow down quickly once when I was behind a log truck in N. central Idaho who started to fishtail with a full load of logs and I thought for sure he was going to dump all those logs onto the road but somehow he managed to correct it and kept going driving like a bat out of hell. Most of the truck drivers are very good but a few make up for the rest of the good drivers.

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