Texas Expected To Sue Obama Administration Over Amnesty

(CBS Houston/AP) — Gov.-elect Greg Abbott appears poised to keep his promise and sue the Obama administration over executive actions on immigration — the 31st time he’s filed suit against the federal government since 2009.  MORE.

2 Comments on Texas Expected To Sue Obama Administration Over Amnesty

  1. What’s the end game here? Is this expected to move an Administration in the right direction, the same that has been handing our asses back to us on a regular basis and ruling with pen/phone?

    Not to sound discouraged and negative, but when do we start REALLY kicking some ASS and changing the direction of this Titanic? 2015 with the new Congress?

  2. Rick “Open Borders” Perry is back-peddling? It’s alright when crap is going to someone else, it sucks a rat’s rosy red rear-end when it’s happening to ME!
    The Dead Elephant Party Country-club establishment expects to get their future funding from pro-amnesty sources, AND they still think that they can out-commie the commie-lib Dems…
    Ann Coulter hearts Mitt and Chrissy!!!!!!!!!!

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