Texas father shoots man suspected of peeping into daughter’s bedroom, deputies say


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A suspected peeping Tom is in critical but stable condition after a couple confronted him early Monday outside their 10-year-old daughter’s window and the girl’s father shot him multiple times.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to KTRK that the husband and wife, who have not been publicly identified, stated that they intercepted an intoxicated prowler who was inappropriately touching himself outside their young daughter’s window after 2 a.m.

“She looks over at the window, and this guy is at her window. … He took my daughter’s innocence away,” the girl’s mother, who did not want to be identified, told KPRC.

Meanwhile, the father told KTRK that his daughter had complained in the past about seeing someone watching her through the window, but neither he nor his wife were ever successful at locating anyone on the premises before Monday morning.

The couple, who armed themselves with legal handguns before exiting their home, attempted to detain the man in their yard, but deputies said the prowler walked across the street to a gas station, and they followed him, KPRC reported.

According to the TV station, the father entered the gas station to ask employees to call 911, while his wife held her gun on the suspect in the parking lot, but a struggle ensued. When the husband exited the convenience store, the suspect had wrestled his wife’s gun away and was pointing it at her. That’s when the husband fired his gun on the suspect.


25 Comments on Texas father shoots man suspected of peeping into daughter’s bedroom, deputies say

  1. Wife detains while Male leaves her to monitor the perv.
    That Ain’t the right way to do it.

    “wife, go get help I’ll keep the weapon on johnny perv.”

    Otherwise, I hope they get off with no surprise charges.

  2. What the hell is he doing leaving his wife to guard the perp? Maybe it was his plan, get the perp to try something, then move in and put his lights out. I hope that’s it, but it’s a stretch.

  3. How is it a stretch? Ain’t that the way John Wayne kilt the late Mr. Fudderman in “The Searchers”?

  4. Yea, this is all really thin. Hubby plugged the sick bastard as he was running away and this is the story the Sheriff came up with. Which I’m good with.

  5. My Wife, “Why didn’t you shoot that motherfucker?”

    “Uhh.. I wanted to, but… I’m trying to be an honest, moral, citizen. But I don’t own a backhoe.”

  6. i’d send my wife to phone, i mean, good God, what was that man thinking? ‘I need to take a piss while im in there?’

  7. If you shot the guy three times and he’s still breathing, it’s time to reevaluate your caliber choice and/or shot placement.

  8. I don’t get it.
    There are 105 million naked ladies on the Internet,
    but this perv is out looking into little girl’s windows.
    He should get jail time on top of being shot.

  9. Too bad it seems the pervert is gonna survive. Most people I know if they caught somebody like this its’ wood chipper time

  10. Sooooooo … is Joey all right?
    Said in “stable” condition but for a guy his age …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. @Mr Anth Ropy

    “10 year old daughter”

    That is why this scum was in the bushes not on the Gates-Net.

  12. What the hell is Joe Biden doing in Texas? That is a long haul from his basement in Delaware. He must have just had the urge or the good doctor wasn’t watching him before he escaped.


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