Texas ‘Go Topless Jeep Weekend’ goes off track with over 100 arrests; deputy among dozens hospitalized – IOTW Report

Texas ‘Go Topless Jeep Weekend’ goes off track with over 100 arrests; deputy among dozens hospitalized

BPR: The annual “Go Topless Jeep Weekend” in Texas devolved into chaos with over 100 arrests and dozens of individuals, including a sheriff’s deputy, winding up in the hospital during the viral weekend event for Jeep enthusiasts that boasted more than 80,000 attendees.

The massive get-together that saw 40,000 people alone on Saturday took place at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas. Police prepped for the event but it still went over the edge big time. Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset told FOX 26 Houston that deputies responded to multiple assaults, fights, and DWIs.

Sgt. John Hamm responded to a crash at approximately 1:30 am on Sunday and was struck in a hit-and-run by a suspected drunk driver, according to KHOU. Both his legs were broken, so was his arm and he received head injuries in the incident. The deputy just about went through the car’s windshield after impact. He was airlifted to the University of Texas Medical Branch, according to Click2Houston where he underwent surgery Sunday morning. He was still reportedly being operated on as of Sunday afternoon. more

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  1. Had to endure “jeep week” on a recent trip to Daytona Beach. Amazing to me how people can dump 100k in a 15k dodge turd… *Shrug*

  2. I just don’t get the appeal of these events with mobs of drunken idiots, like Sturgis, Burning man, Spring Break, Quartzite. You can have it. I prefer seclusion.

  3. Hmm. 100 arrests out of 80 thousand attendees. That’s an arrest rate of 0.125%.

    No wonder the police are overworked and panicked. People got together. Can’t have that.

  4. “Sturgis is gay and has been gay since the 80’s if not longer”

    My nest door neighbors make the Trek from Cali to Sturgis every year. They trailer their Harley back behind their motor home to a camp ground every year. Untrailer the bike, dawn some leather, throw dirt on each other, and ride into town like Fonda and Nickleson.

  5. ^^^^^

    People think I’m a jerk for raggin’ on Sturgis.

    Sturgis ain’t what you think it’s supposed to be. It’s full of people who trailer their bikes. Go. Enjoy. Maybe you’ll dig Branson. To each their own.

    All I know is all the younger guys have zero intention of ever going there during the rally.

    Nice twistys on the way in…..and not much else.

  6. I’m 45 minutes from Branson. I have driven past it to Hollister to purchase coal.

    Branson is a fucking weeping sore upon the earth.

  7. A. Roller coasters.

    B. Garry & Janine Carson Escape Reality Branson Magic Dinner Show.

    It’s like you hate fun and enjoy kicking puppies.

    I should probably send you my business card…….

  8. And the Muscle Car thing is the same. Everybody wants a hot rod, nobody wants to do the wrenching. Or understands the basic concept of how to make things go fast.

  9. ……………..I have a lovely paper cut if you want to pour a little lemon juice in that wound.

  10. If I were an evil person, bent on population control and world domination, I would send instigators to all events like this.
    Large numbers of people gathered together, exercising their freedoms, would not be allowed.

  11. I think the money is in Resto mods now. Like the Detroit Speed guys. Make the client bring you a rolling chassis and hand them a menu. Functioning air conditioning is important these days.

  12. They are mostly crap jobs. I’m fucking retired and have cellulitis these past 4 days. My fucking hose hydrant busted somewhere underground. I heard the well pump relay when there was nobody using water. Fuck. I went out there and dug up most of the hydrant. Then i realized the hydrant was gummy. It could turn in any direction with little force. Then I pulled. The hydrant came out of the ground and water shot up.

    “Shut off the pump!”

    But nobody was listening.

  13. Eddie made 21 thousand getting a rolling chassis correct for paint.

    No, I don’t mean Eddie “friend” from the Clapton LP. Eddie the body guy.

  14. Erik

    You gotta perfect just a few. 68, 69, Camaros, 70 to 71 Cudas or Challengers. Maybe 66 Mustangs. 70 Boss 302 Mustang. That would be it.

  15. I came from the east coast where everything was full of rust. Then I came to MO where it is worse. Fucking 1998 vehicles here are toast.

  16. All that acid rain they talked about… No. Parking on grass or gravel is what kills them.

  17. On the other hand…I did enjoy a few trips to Oshkosh for THE airshow. But at least that crowd is well-behaved and sober.

  18. I went to Myrtle Beach to play golf one time… during black biker week.
    Thought I’d died and gone to hell.

  19. We travel off season just to avoid crowds.
    Big drunk crowds are the worst.
    I drive a comfy Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2008 with only 96,000 miles on it and not lowjacked like hubby’s new Maverick.

    My first car was a ’68 Cougar XR7 w/ a 302.
    Boy, would I live to have one again!


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