Texas GOP Plans To Host In-Person Convention In Less Than Two Weeks

Daily Caller:

The Republican Party of Texas announced Friday that they intend to proceed with their state convention starting July 13 in Houston after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott paused reopening the state due to a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

“After extensive debate Thursday evening, the State Republican Executive Committee reinforced its support for proceeding with our State Convention in person in Houston,” said James Dickey, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, according to a press release. more here

5 Comments on Texas GOP Plans To Host In-Person Convention In Less Than Two Weeks

  1. I’ve got a week long meeting coming up in Dallas end of month. I’m really debating going. Office says attendance is up to us, but we all know what that means…

  2. Why do we even worry about going to a group gathering, when we never did in prior years and particularly as Wuhan virus deaths have dropped to typical flu levels? Only because *they* keep telling us to, and for no other reason.

  3. Houston and Austin are in overdrive bullying Abbott into giving them power again to shut their cities down. Austin has a 35 day closure plan to ensure schools will be open in the fall and they need Abbott to cede local power back to them to implement it. It is just one big ongoing hysterical news cycle geared to prevent this convention and close the large cities down again. I have no faith Abbott won’t buckle given everything he has done the last two weeks.


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