Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Waiver Allowing Restaurants to Sell Food Retail

ConservativeTreehouse: Thank you Greg Abbott.  This is the first smart move by a state leader recognizing the realities of the system at hand.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a waiver allowing restaurants to sell their bulk food directly to retail customers.

Amid all of the reactionary decisions by elected officials, this is a smart, and temporary move that can take pressure off the retail supply chain.  Hopefully others will follow.

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  1. Kelly’s in the H-town area brings the meal
    to a tent set up by front door.Good country
    cookin’.Started by a retired cop.

  2. ^^^ In Milwaukee, they’re cooking the meal and giving it away, not enough paying take out orders.
    BTW, the Gov here did not sign the order to stay at home. He had some underling hiree at the Health Dept do it. It separates families for month. What’s next, children in cages?

  3. The restaurants in Maine are all providing delivery or curb side pick up. They’re even selling beer and wine to go.

    This would be a good addition to that to ease the burden on grocery stores.

  4. It will be much harder to convict him of terrorism, there are specific elements involved that make it difficult to prove, than it would be to convict him of multiple health, vandalism, and public disorder charges.

    It will end in a plea deal anyway since the charge is serious enough to merit an extensive defense. He’ll be allowed to plead to a lesser charge if he doesn’t try to defend himself.

    That’s how the reality of the legal system works.

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