Texas governor orders all state residents to wear masks while in public

When is this guy’s term up? He’s working my nerves.

Abbott in his order forbid law enforcement from imprisoning or jailing anyone for violating the order, though police can still enforce the rule by removing violators from business premises at the request of the owner. 


16 Comments on Texas governor orders all state residents to wear masks while in public

  1. I live in everywhere Kansas and I want the bovine creature’s to have the same restrictions….espaecially if they have perspiration on their upper lip areas….

  2. Abbott has botched this entire scamdemic. He shut down a roaring economy over misplaced fears and now is trying to force people to wear face diapers in 95 plus heat combined with high humidity AND limit gatherings to 10 people, just in time for the July 4th weekend. All in the face of declining nationwide death rates and with no fear or overwhelming ICU in Texas. I voted for him twice but won’t vote for him again.

  3. That picture of Abbott on Page 1 is starting to look a lot like my Governor Dim Bulb in the Soviet State.

    Maybe there’s a new “Dim Bulb Disease” (DBD-20)

  4. Does he have any family members missing? Are they being held hostage?

    How sad to betray all the citizens of Texas who voted for him.

    Sad for them, pathetic for him.

  5. If you dangle a mask on one of your ears, You are wearing a mask.

    If it falls off, pick it up and put it on your wrist. Anybody stops you for no mask, tell them it fell and is not sanitary.

  6. He needs to listen to his Lt governor, or place him in charge of the virus response, He has it together on this.

  7. Death rates from Covid-1984 are plummeting, so we switch gears to “new cases skyrocketing”. It’s painfully obvious they want to keep the panic going until November. Sadly, Abbott (term expires 2022) has succumbed to their propaganda, so it’s face-diaper time. My priority is getting rid of Cornyn in 2020; jury still out on Abbott.

  8. For the kinky: A mask can be easily fashioned from a larger ( C cup) brassiere. Use one bra and get two masks.. win-win!


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