Texas: Muslim migrant couple indicted for enslaving girl for 16 years

Geller Report: This should not come as any surprise to any longtime reader of the Geller Report. Slavery is sanctioned in Islam. It was only a matter of time before Islamic slavery would come to the United States. The word for a black person in Arabic is abid, or slave. Consider, however, how many African Americans convert to Islam. Or worse yet, Arabic is now mandatory in a Harlem public school. More proof of the epic failure of African American leadership.

This speaks to the power of disinformation and propaganda, and the effects of the brutal enforcement of the blasphemy laws under Islam (do not criticize Islam, under penalty of death). The truth remains hidden. Unfathomable human rights abuses and shocking war crimes remain largely unknown to the masses — not to the millions of victims, but they have been silenced.

And even this story will not get the publicity it should get. 

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  1. Gee, that’s a ‘makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside’ story.
    I hope they are receiving regular beatings.
    The misfortuned and enslaved girl, who is now a woman, should be extended US citizenship, if she wants it. And the length of her imprisonment should be at least half of what their sentence should be, although that should be for life. And that life should be made miserable.
    diversity is not assimilation

    obama dropped the requirement to pledge adherence to the constitution during citizenship proceedings. One can become a citizen without promising to respect our form of government and laws. To my knowledge, that has not been undone, and is the situation today.

  2. Islam & USA Constitution/Bill of Rights
    are not compatible.So they got to go.
    one by one two by two… CAIR & SoSour
    are 1st on my list !

  3. “African American leadership …”

    Is that supposed to be a joke?
    It was the Africans who originally sold their African brothers into slavery!
    You think the Portuguese and Arabs just drove into Africa and picked up a bunch of Africans wholesale and shipped em off in their pickups? Well, it didn’t happen. The Arabs made inroads into North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria) but the bulk of their slaves came from Central Africa, just as did those the Portuguese bought and sold.

    The crowned heads of Africa made their various fortunes selling their less-adept brothers.

    To expect any “leadership” other than selling them for profit, is naive.
    Jackson, King, Sharpton, &c. enrich themselves through the suffering of their “brothers.”

    Ah well, it’s a twice told tale, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing …

    izlamo delenda est …


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