Texas Rep Wants “Debt Clocks” In Congressional Meeting Rooms

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As America’s massive national debt continues climbing to even greater heights, recently surpassing $23 trillion, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has introduced a resolution that calls for the installation of national debt clocks in two rooms. The conservative congressman’s “Know Debt Resolution” would add “debt clocks in the main meeting rooms of the House Budget Committee and House Appropriations Committee,” according to his website. More

16 Comments on Texas Rep Wants “Debt Clocks” In Congressional Meeting Rooms

  1. And this will lower the national debt how exactly?

    Dear Mr. Roy, Congress knows what the national debt is, they just don’t care (not their money), and if you stay in Congress after a while you won’t care either.

  2. the federal reserve

    they are the enemies of all humanity

    do you think having the stock mkt divorced from all fundamentals is going to work out well for this country?

  3. They don’t care, they make the money and run off to a nice retirement. They are addicted to tax dollars and will always justify spending it on BS.

  4. The national debt is an outer space number, 25% of Congressional payments for stipends should go to paying down the national debt.

  5. There should be one in every room and office used by any representative or senator. Also it should be on the TV screen at every debate. Really any time any federal politician or candidate is on TV.

  6. In a debt based monetary system, where the money is borrowed into existence, all that debt represents money in circulation.

    Get rid of it and you get rid of the money.

  7. So, why isn’t money based on assets? Such a system would lead to sustainable, irreversible growth… and independence, freedom and a more intelligent civilization. To be here, you would have to produce.

    The problem with an asset-based system, is it requires honor, accountability and the rule of law. Apparently, we’re not ready for that.

  8. Jimmy,

    Asset based system (e.g. gold standard) don’t work too well when you are running a constant balance of trade deficit.

    Eventually you end up giving all of your assets to pay your deficit and have little or nothing left for yourself. (That’s what happened when we were on the gold standard and ended up with our gold going to Europe to cover our debts there when they collected payment in gold and we had to confiscate it from the people to have it to pay our debts off.)


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