Texas school will suspend gun control protesters: ‘Here for education, not political protest’

The Blaze-

Students who join in scheduled gun control protests and walk-outs during school hours will be suspended for three days, according to a letter from the superintendent of Needville Independent School District in Texas.

In the week since 17 people were killed during a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, gun control advocates have organized several national marches and other forms of protest calling for action by lawmakers.

What was in the letter?

Needville Superintendent Curtis Rhodes sent the following message to parents and students in a letter and on social media:


18 Comments on Texas school will suspend gun control protesters: ‘Here for education, not political protest’

  1. We had race riots back in the early 70’s and I took the week off while it was going on. Counted on my school record and I deserved it.

  2. Great news that is the way to do fuc fruit cake the parents are raising loser and criminal. Most of this fuc kids can’t read, write, her respect .

  3. Remembering (very vaguely) my experience in high school and observing my children going through the ordeal, I have to say that I am very doubtful of the grassroots spontaneity of this student movement. The whole thing stinks of adult manipulation.

    I think if enough adults who supported protecting our schools had the ear of enough students, you would see similar results — Ok, you probably wouldn’t see it unless you were there, because it wouldn’t be covered by the media.

  4. Jimmy Carters gas shortage is one of my best memories of high school…..show up, wear a down jacket, sit in class until the teacher got cold, home by 10am…..3 weeks of generally f**cking off….

    The race thing…Junior high…..you should have seen the gym teachers seethe as they watched a bunch of 13 year old punks have a sit in and shut down the entire school. I went home early then too….LOLOLOL….

  5. Super. We forget we are not raising and educating children, we are preparing adults. Suck it up, buttercups. If, as an adult, you skip work to protest, no pay!

  6. Good on the Needville IPS superintendent! The Left has no right to use our public schools or any other tax-paid institution as a platform for their “Fundamentally Transforming America” agenda. They haven’t the right to abuse minors who haven’t the maturity or intellectual sophistication to know they are being used in the service of Leftist orthodoxy.

  7. The left, being who they are, I am quite surprised that we have not yet seen some kind of nude women’s march against guns in Portland or Seattle.

  8. school shooting solution: Only Republicans can buy guns.
    End of story school shootings stop immediately.

  9. I have to ask the question, every time one of these MSM nut jobs promote the “tougher” background checks, every time the young skulls full of mush say that we must do this to prevent the next school shooting, —-
    WHY oh WHY do we not say???
    “If you got everything you propose, would it have stopped Cruz?”

    This calls for TEACHING these children, not using them for political profit! But to the left anything is acceptable to advance their ideology, even the use and abuse of children.

    If better background checks would not have stopped the school shooting, then why is this the current meme?
    Why do we not ask these kids that question, make them think instead of simply reading the lines they have been told to say.
    Why do we not ask the talking heads the question as well, why do we surrender the narrative to their agenda? ASK THE QUESTION!

    “If you got everything you propose, would it have stopped Cruz?”

    MSG Grumpy

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