Texas Set to Conduct Election Audits in Four Largest Counties

BLP: The Texas Secretary of State’s office announced that the state would conduct audits in the state’s two largest Democratic and Republican counties on Friday, in the latest development in scrutiny of state election laws.

President Donald Trump had urged Texas Governor Greg Abbott to conduct audits of the state’s election in 2020. Trump had won Texas by roughly 5.5% percentage points, disproving Democratic claims that the state was destined for a razor-thin election as a swing state.

Trump’s letter to Abbott endorsed several proposals in the state legislature regarding oversight and transparency into state elections.

The office of the Texas Secretary of State- a governor-appointed position that is currently vacant- confirmed that the state would be auditing the four biggest counties for compliance with state laws and potential discrepancies.

Under existing Texas laws, the Secretary of State has the authority to conduct a full and comprehensive forensic audit of any election and has already begun the process in Texas’ two largest Democrat counties and two largest Republican counties—Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Collin—for the 2020 election. We anticipate the Legislature will provide funds for this purpose.

Biden won Dallas and Harris County in 2020 as expected, barely squeaking out a flip of Tarrant County. Trump won Collin County, and improved upon Republican margins in South Texas rural counties with large Hispanic communities. read more

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  1. WHY? It will lead to ‘nothing burgers’.

    Labeling the any past election with every crooked nomenclature complete with tons of physical, video, verbal, material and even, probably clear, dirty fingerprints, will not even lead to the barest minimum, election integrity. Let alone bringing justice to the damn crooked, elitist ruling class!!!

    Freaking joke. Been there, done that ad nauseam.


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