Texas Woman Strips Naked, Leads Cops on Foot Chase

Breaking 911: BAYTOWN, Texas – A 26-year-old woman is facing charges after a bizarre chase in Baytown last weekend.

Attaree Milton was taken into custody and charged with evading in a motor vehicle. Police said she also has a parole violation out of Austin for assault on a peace officer. Watch

12 Comments on Texas Woman Strips Naked, Leads Cops on Foot Chase

  1. Why was that other guy (cop?) so overamped that he jumped the ditch and fell down? It was obvious she wasn’t carrying a weapon. And where, pray tell, is a blanket?

  2. She wasn’t naked; it looked like she had the new, top secret “stealth camouflage “. The military is working on. And what’s up with the pink car; does she sell Mary Kay?
    And please, people, for the love of all that’s holy, please learn how to hold your friggin’ cellphone when recording video!!!!

  3. This happened in my area some years back, it was a naked man and woman running from the cops. We asked the cops why they stripped and they said that the cons do that to evade possible tracking by dogs. Seems your clothes carry most of your stink. It do work as the dogs could not find the guy despite the fact he was very close to them.

  4. I saw 26 year old womyn stripped nekid and jumped directly to the link…….. Doh!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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