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  1. Praying for our Country, our President and those in his administration and around him.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

  2. I love watching the people waiting for him. . .Purdue, Carson, Pompeo, Jared, Kellyanne chatting. . . I got duck duck up on my favorites now

  3. This will be a large number of words to say what could be said in two words: “I surrender”.

    Let’s face it, the “wall” is not going to happen. Pelosi has big balls and Trump has little hands.

    I imagine the Republicans are, mostly secretly, rejoicing about this.

  4. Consider this. Trump, not Nancy, just got a couple pay checks for the people being impacted. Trump, not Nancy, reopened the Government. For three weeks. Lets all meet back here in 6 weeks.

  5. What carrots (deals) will be given to the democrats to support a bipartisan bill? Will the price be too high?
    Hold tight Mr. President.
    Congress is officially on notice. Do it or Trump will act given the authority by the Constitution and law.

  6. Bad_Brad
    The chances are that 99/100 of the people getting those checks are die hard socialist democrats, in “non-essential” jobs that should likely be privatized. Nothing worthwhile is gained by this, nothing.

    He needs to follow through with the state of emergency and let the chips fall.

  7. JustAl

    Those people are not his target. Freshman Democrat Law Makers remain his target. Let’s see what happens in 6 or 8 weeks.

  8. So the SOTU address is on again?

    If so, Pelosi will have to sit in view of the cameras throughout. She better get some new Poligrip.

  9. Reopen the government. Watch the Demographic Party refuse to fund the wall without Trump surrendering on a Comprehensive Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act. Then watch Trump declare a National Emergency and secure the border. This will be delayed because of an Obama appointed Federal District Court Judge in Hawaii or San Francisco issues a stay pending a hearing next year. Hopefully, by then RBG will be dead and in Hell, so this can be upheld by Trump’s solidly conservative Supreme Court.

  10. Again P.Trump has made a good faith offer to the Dem’s lets see if they take it and work with him or they try to screw him,if they do he can shut it down again and declare an emergency and start building the wall.
    Remember he is the one who is now responsible for people getting their pay checks not the Dem’s.
    The Dem’s are not in as good of a place as they think. He does not have to sign anything that he does not like.

  11. He offered pelosi money for other shit as long as the wall was funded. She said no.
    He offered them DACA, pelosi said no.
    He wanted to do sotu in the house, pelosi said no,
    he offered to wait.
    She gave him nothing in return.
    He gave the fed workers their checks, including back pay, and pelosi offered nothing in return.

    Do you remember his first debate with Hillary where he sounded weak and defensive, hardly talking, hardly defending himself? Hillary was so smug, even the Left was like, damn, that bitch was smug.
    Then what happened in the next debate?
    He slammed her head on the podium and stole the hot sauce out of her purse.

    Wait for it. The State of Emergency will be next.

  12. State of the Union Address
    An hour and a half talking down Democrat’s failure to fund the wall and watching Nancy pouting behind him.

  13. MJA

    He has a pattern of doing exactly what you describe. Further more, it’s my understanding there is still no budget. Which means Social programs are running out of funding. Food Stamps are running out soon.

  14. He caved. We’re fucked. The country’s fucked. Unless Trump has some tricks up his sleeve, we’re on the long slow glide slope to either turd world shitholery or civil fucking war. More likely the former.

  15. I agree MJA.

    I’ve been watching on Twitter and a lot of the Twitter “We Are The Ones Who Got Trump Elected” folks are abandoning him like rats on a sinking ship. Mind you, these are the same folks who abandoned him after he fired rockets into Syria.

    “He’s done.”

    “He’s broken.”

    “He just lost reelection.”

    I’m with you, MJA. This is the middle of the game. And these Twitter folks are leaving the stands during halftime certain their team lost.

    Trump has been President for two years. And one thing I’ve learned is never call the game with him until it plays out.

  16. DJT does not accept losing. Democrats don’t have an ounce of empathy for anyone but themselves.
    This is far from over.

  17. Bad_Brad and I can’t figure out how many ‘gives’ he has before he ‘takes’. LOL! I don’t know his formula. Partly because he has that ‘actor’ face that Reagan had.

  18. This is an interesting take from Rex (he was ImperatorRex on Twitter, now he’s writing for QuodVerumCitizen Journalism with Thomas Wictor, Brian Cates and some others).

    “Trump Is Building A Wall Inside the Democratic Party – And They Don’t Even Know It.

    By using ‘The Wall’ as bait, wedge issues as a weapon and the shutdown as leverage, POTUS Trump is forcing The Democrats to construct walls within their own Party.
    As REX explains, Trump’s strategy is to exploit the enemy’s poor leaders to foment division, perhaps even civil war within the Democrat camp – and they don’t even know it.“

  19. MJA

    The wife just brought up a good point. Every Democrat around with a mouth like a pez dispenser, I guess that’s all of them, keeps saying “Open the Government Mr. President, and then we’ll talk”. O.K., it’s open. Now WTF?
    The more I think about this the more I think it’s a good move.

  20. Val

    “Trump Is Building A Wall Inside the Democratic Party – And They Don’t Even Know It.”

    That’s what I see.

  21. For the people who are crying right now. Did you actually think he was going to negotiate for wall money in mid December, keep in mind, there were two weeks they got off for Christmas, and then on the 2nd week of January say, ‘oh fuck it, let’s use SOE and build it that way.’?
    Even from the Conservatives! Be realistic here.

    He’s done a lot of shit the past 2 years that took some Republican presidents their entire terms to do. Yeah, I know we’re anxious. But dude has faced a lot of shit from both parties. Give the man a minute before you tear down his Tiger Beat posters from the walls. LOL!

  22. Have you caught the reports of Dems on CNN talking about how the wall’s not a bad idea and they would vote for one? yeahhh they’re getting antsy. Now that Trump gave up some cash for the fed slaves, the squishy Dems will be a little more comfortable signing on the dotted line.

  23. He still has control with veto. If he doesn’t get the wall now he can say he will veto every bill that he doesn’t like until he gets the wall. Get govt open without any other conditions no money to PP other countries, pet projects. Puck Felosi

  24. Be warned. You may see some minor DACA shit getting OK’d when the wall is (Through congress, not SoE). I don’t like it, but if he has to give them a slice of the pie (even if it’s mostly crust, less filling) I can deal with it. Wall built, then DACA. They can always tweak that shit.

  25. I don’t blame anyone other than Paul Ryan for this entire mess. He is a despicable backstabbing snake in the grass. He had two years to get a funding bill to the President and he spent those two years conspiring with Democrats

  26. This is far from over. I am not worried one little bit.
    Let the left gloat… for awhile.
    For all of the naysayers here has P.Trump really lost anything yet?
    If he has I for one would like to know what it was.
    Like Brad said lets wait and see.

  27. I heard Rush say that one of the reasons Pelosi doesn’t want the SOTU is that she is worried about the freshmen Democrats’ behavior. I hope they misbehave and will be censured. Also, want to see the faces she’ll make!

  28. At this point in time, I think this is a brilliant move. Trump had narrowed the issue – he made several offers to the Democrats and they uniformly said “no, we will not agree to a wall” – that is their only issue. Trump’s people dug up clips of many of these Democrats promoting border security in the past – including a wall – thereby demonstrating Democrat hypocrisy but they still wouldn’t agree to fund a wall. Trump has made concessions in order to get his wall, and the Democrats have offered nothing except “no.” The American people also know that 5 billion dollars in the Federal budget is basically an accounting error, yet the Democrats made this a big issue.

    The MSM and the Democrats have been promoting the story line that the government shutdown is devastating. So who ended this situation? Trump. Who really cares about the folks adversely impacted by the shutdown? Trump. Who is willing to put aside partisan politics in order to serve the greater good? Trump. Who cares about American citizens more than illegal aliens? Trump.

    I think Trump will now get his wall, but at this point in time – two years into his term – he was not willing to die on this particular hill. Trump needs to maintain the support of probably 5% of independent voters in order to keep his agenda rolling, and the impression Trump has left people with now is that the only one who really cares about the United States is Trump. The specifics of this dispute don’t matter, and in fact most people will forget them in a few days or weeks, but general impressions are vital and the Democrats have just demonstrated they don’t care about America.

  29. Corky – That’s interesting. I just read last night where Oqueso Curtain said that she wouldn’t shake Trump’s hand if he approached her. Plus the muslim foulmouth couldn’t be trusted not to scream at the “motherfucker”. I remember a CA rep acting a fool who sat behind pelosi right after Trump was elected and pelosi had to stand up and point to her and say something to the effect of KNOCK IT OFF!!! So Rush may have a point there.
    Pelosi cannot control her pets.

  30. Taking the high road and trying to work with the libs only puts you on a dead end. Eventually you run out of road. Trump better be ready for action come February 15.

  31. Three weeks, then. No Congressional action? Declare the emergency. Next, a Federal court says ‘Nope.” So, ignore the court, proceed with the wall. Next up: U.S. House impeaches Trump. Riots in the cities. Martial law. Financial crisis. States move for an Article V Convention of the States. Reset the Republic.

    The chances of the above scenario (or some variation) are significantly above zero.

  32. I still love this President
    I’m still willing to bust the teeth out of every mofo US traitor: in the FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, IRS and both Houses of Congress. And the ‘conservative’ GoPee. (ie, imagine pretty Mittens with every other front tooth gone).

    If my government continues to play me for a stooge, they better watch their back. I don’t forget.

  33. @Marco January 25, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    > Watch the Demographic Party refuse to fund the wall without Trump surrendering on a Comprehensive Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act.

    “Surrender” can only happen if you’re resisting. In TV wrastlin’ this is called “submission”. When the guy the crowd boos at slaps the mat, so they can cheer for the other guy. Before their families go to Monaco Disney World together.

    Once again, Islamists doing patriots’ work:
    Impeach the weaselcucker

  34. @Geoff C. The Saltine January 25, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    > For all of the naysayers here has P.Trump really lost anything yet?

    He gave away (I know, paid for with our money — but free to him, so “gave away”) the legal right to toss overboard thousands of self-described, non-essential, federal ballast sacks. In exchange for the opportunity to lick Princess Pelosi’s boot. Let’s see, subtract the blue, carry the arugula, um… yep… less than zero. That’s a loss.

  35. I normally don’t reply to Anons, but you sound like someone that needs a little help. You do know that in his first year Trump eliminated over 13,000 Federal jobs right? Do your own research.


  36. @Jimmy January 25, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    > Next up: U.S. House impeaches Trump. Riots in the cities. Martial law. Financial crisis. States move for an Article V Convention of the States. Reset the Republic.

    Staying in your seat. Until the coaster comes to a complete stop. At the same platform you boarded at. So you can ride the same rails that brought you to the same platform. And wave at the same carny. And pay him to push the same button. Again. Does not a “reset” make. (Nor a “republic”.)

  37. @Bad_Brad January 25, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    > in his first year Trump eliminated over 13,000 Federal jobs right? Do your own research.
    > THAT’S A WIN

    And he gave this one away. That’s a loss.

  38. @Jimmy January 25, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    > Those are YOUR assumptions Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. They’re “not even wrong.”

    Actually, that’s letting the pins fall from where you set them up. If you don’t like the pattern, choose a different one.

  39. Anon something that has not happened is a loss. Right.
    Do you really think P.Trump was going to fire 800,000 workers,why that would be real smart.

  40. Trump will never get the wall. If he tries to claim an emergency, Fed court out west will issue the stay. By the time it gets to the SCOTUS, another election will have come and gone.
    Trump could have tweeted that the paychecks were up to Pelosi. Send a CR bill he vetos, and Pelosi can get an override in the House or Pelosi is just flat out wrong on what the people want.
    Stick it to Nan, not us.
    Sorry so negative, but Trump is in a corner now, and Chuncy have much more experience at playing the politics game in DC.
    Besides the media will not tell the truth about any of this anyway.
    Oh, and ding the Dems “Since when does a Democrat vote against a 6 billion dollar Public Works project? I thought they claimed they do everything for the working class.”

  41. My spidey senses are tingling…
    Methinks President Trump became suspicious that there was some deep state shenanigans going on that involved either a “inadequately secured” airport or football stadium around the superbowl timeframe. You have already seen “fake news” broadcasts spreading fear about some possible terrorist activities and how terrible it would be since “the gubmint” wouldn’t be able to protect us…
    He decided to nip this in the bud and go to plan B.
    Remember the “Draw Mohamhead” contest shooting? Interesting that the FBI knew about this guy and recall the strange circumstances that allowed him to be there…and it was a lone traffic cop who shot them dead…and the FBI was nowhere to be found…

  42. @Geoff C. The Saltine January 25, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    > something that has not happened is a loss. Right.

    I know. For apologists, “Charging more to pay with a credit card” is very, completely, entirely, different than “Charging less to pay with anything other than a credit card”. He had the card in his hand. And he folded. He didn’t lose our money on his bet. He just folded. Right.

    > Do you really think P.Trump was going to fire 800,000 workers,why that would be real smart.

    Do I think he’s going to build a wall across the southern border? Do I think he’s going to deport DACA invaders? Do I think he’s going to run the White House like anything other than a Clinton Family rerun? That would be stupid.

  43. President Trump has set up the Demwits by exposing that their priorities have nothing to do with the safety of the citizens of the United States of America. Chuckles, Nasty Nance and the Socialist Democrats are the architects of the Shutdown and would have continued it without any concern for even their furloughed party members.

    Trump has given up nothing. Even if DACA seeps into legislation, he still has the option to declare a national emergency and build the wall to prevent further disasters like DACA. Leftist Judicial decisions to deny a border wall can be overturned – not a real threat.

    As far as the weak, knee-jerk, so called conservatives jumping ship, they will be back on board as soon as the wall is built.

    Meanwhile, during the State of the Union Address Chuckles, Nasty Nance and the Democrat Socialist Party will feel like their heads have been cut off and used for a game of Jai alai against the Border Wall they’ve tried so hard to prevent. President Trump will once again expose the Left’s desire to destroy this nation.

    BTW, can’t wait tho see AOC and Mz. Jihad make complete fools of themselves.

  44. You guys are a bunch of bitter clingers (MWAHAHAHAHAHA) President Dump is outdated, outmatched, outclassed, outmaneuvered, outwitted, outgunned, in the outhouse and soon to be outed & outlawed. Expect MANY more cave-ins coming soon! We finally have a Speaker who knows how to deal with this POS. She’ll get the nation back on track and will undo all the damage that this idiot novice has caused.

  45. Anonymous, you idiot. Your dems are splintered. Do you hear? Splintered. Look at the mess in nancy’s house! Cortez just told all her dem buddies she gives ‘zero fucks’ about them. And at least 30 dems are willing to sign up support for the nation’s wall. Didn’t you see them on CNN? Out of their OWN mouths, sweet pea. lol.
    Nancy and Chuck look like spoiled brats. That’s going to burn them badly.

    PS. Hillary lost. Dance with that.

  46. I think 99th Squad Leader needs to do play by play for the SOTU….she has some Kieth Jackson/ Howard Cossell/Don Meredith smart ass in her….

  47. I thought so, Libtard Alert. What Anon doesn’t seem to realize is Trump has already kicked their asses for about 30 to 40 years. He’s packing the Judiciary with Conservative judges. And will continue to do so. Looks like he’ll get two more on the supreme court. You Lose.

  48. B_B, Ruth B. Ginsberg can still make SC decisions from her house. Trump, if he could, would likely pick 2 more left-leaning moderates like John Roberts but since it is illegal for him to appoint more than 2 supreme court justices (because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the country, that’s why the law limits it) so it is a moot point that you make. You need to put down those guns and pick up some books.

  49. Yes, he can.

    Question: Is there a limit on how many Supreme Court justices can a president appoint in one term in United States?

    “…The number is fixed by statute and may be changed via statute, and there is no over all limit to how many a President may appoint. The natural limiting principle is that a President may not remove a sitting Justice, i.e. they cannot be fired (except through the Impeachment & Removal process), therefore the President may only appoint to fill vacancies that exist within the number of Justices allowed for by law. If by some horrible event all 9 Justices died or resigned, the President could appoint 9. Similarly, if 1 died and two others retired, the President could appoint 3. “

  50. Also, the lower courts are just as important as the Supreme. And he’s setting records for appointments and has a lot more appointments to make. And when in the hell did a Liberal ever care about what’s fair to the rest of the country. Again, you lose.

  51. I don’t know what the libs think they won today. I guess they’re taking visual cues from nanny and chuck’s smugness? Well, let em dance before they cry. *shrugs*

    They should go back and rewatch debates 1 & 2 with Trump and Hillary.

  52. I know that this will go by the way side But most Anon posters are Not regular posters here,if they are they are drive by trolls,for the most part.
    Never has given me a good answer how P.Trump has lost once.
    Again Man up and use a real name,coward.


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