“Thank you for the prayers” – Allen West

He sounds pretty shaken.

ht/ c. steven tucker

8 Comments on “Thank you for the prayers” – Allen West

  1. You’re welcome Sir, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our country.

    God speed and a quick recovery.

  2. Courage, commitment, wisdom, strength and tenacity, certainly God has greater plans for Allen West. Godspeed for his recovery.

  3. I’ve lost a brother, a very good friend & a lawyer because some moron pulled out in front of them or rear ended them at a red light. Stay off the stupid things unless you’re willing to die. That’s not how I’m going.

  4. Allen West is tough to be out of the hospital and standing there thanking us. Prayers for his complete recovery. Texas needs him!

  5. Now that’s a man! Standing to thank us when he should be sitting down.
    God Bless you Allen West and have a speedy recovery.


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