Thanks, China: Wet Markets Gave Us the Coronavirus and They’re Back In Business

Townhall: The start of the coronavirus has been traced back to a wet market in Wuhan, China, where patient zero purchased bat soup. Exotic mammals in unsanitary conditions flood the streets. And, despite what we know about the start of this virus, China has allowed wet markets to reopen, The Daily Mail reported. Even worse, there are no apparent attempts to raise hygiene standards to prevent another virus from emerging. 

From The Daily Mail:

Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages. Bats and scorpions offered for sale as traditional medicine. Rabbits and ducks slaughtered and skinned side by side on a stone floor covered with blood, filth, and animal remains. 

Those were the deeply troubling scenes yesterday as China celebrated its ‘victory’ over the coronavirus by reopening squalid meat markets of the type that started the pandemic three months ago, with no apparent attempt to raise hygiene standards to prevent a future outbreak. 

As the pandemic that began in Wuhan forced countries worldwide to go into lockdown, a Mail on Sunday correspondent yesterday watched as thousands of customers flocked to a sprawling indoor market in Guilin, south-west China.

At another market in the southern China city of Dongguan, a seller was advertising bats and scorpions for sale.

But the scariest thing: the Chinese seem to believe the Wuhan coronavirus is done and over with, even though countries around the world are grappling with the virus. And it’s why life is starting to go back to normal in China. read more

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  1. How sure are we, based on actual verifiable evidence instead of simple assumption, that the wet markets are what caused this?

    In other words, when it comes to the wet market claim, how do I know this is true?

  2. If we’re gonna be tolerant of men sucking each other’s dks, we aught to be tolerant of people eating bats.

  3. Different Tim .

    Of course not, my reason to want to know how I know something is true.

    I imagine you will happily eat it without asking any questions?

  4. I guess they won’t be happy until they come up with a strain of Coronavirus that is 100% fatal whose origin will undoubtedly come from some guy who ate monkey balls.

  5. This isn’t the only time the Wet Markets were accused of spreading disease. This comes up time and time again.
    They are not clean. At all. Cramped up, infected, and injured animals spread disease and people are within inches of them. Possibly scratched, bitten and everything else.

    When our food supply is tainted, we recall every last piece of whatever is infected. We do that because we have a system in place. We know where the infection came from and what time that meat was packaged.
    Wet Markets do not do that. It’s a free for all.

    Don’t sit up here and tell me I’m supposed to be okay with people eating bats, dogs, cats and pigs. Although the
    dog and cat thing is vile to me, that’s not the issue here. The issue here is Wet Markets are disease-ridden disgusting. They always were, always will be.

    If I were making a dirty bomb, that’s where I’d go to get the dirt.

    In the middle east, they have festivals which allows people to slit the throats of animals and let the blood flow into the streets. It’s 2020. Enough with the acceptance of 3rd world bullshit.

    Coronavirus could very well come from these types of markets.

  6. The Wet Markets are NOT the reason for the virus.

    This virus was created in a Chinese Bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. How and why it got out is the big question. The Bat Soup claim does nothing but give China “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY”.

  7. China’s so-called “wet markets” are disgusting, but the jury’s out in my mind that ground zero wasn’t the more terrifying prospect of Covid19 being pieced together in the highly-protected biological lab next to the Wuhan market. If China remains forever a communist country, with no means to penetrate their secrecy, we will never know for sure. What’s needed is the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials to get to the bottom of it, and in today’s globalist political backdrop where so-called allies are not really allies anymore, even that may not suffice. My fear for this country is that, like 9/11, this episode will forever change (erode) American’s Constitutional guarantees and the way we view Big Government. The British, for example, had become so subservient to their government, down to how how many pleats and pockets could be sewn into their clothing, that they voted in the socialists mere months after VE day.

    Remember how outraged we all were with the very idea of a gov’t lackey groping babies and grandmothers at the airport? I do. I remember it very well. Today our spineless government still puts us through this hell and extracts real dollars from our wallets to “keep us safe.” And other than the bogus jihadis the FBI have set up, how many others have been foiled by TSA? Government officials like to say that our freedom has a cost. That’s true, and you can get the budget numbers straight from the GAO, but I don’t think that’s how the rest of us interpret that phrase.

  8. MJA understands how it works. All different animals stacked in crates secreting waste and bodily fluids on the ones beneath. Then pulled out and live butchered on the spot under unhygienic conditions. The consumer gets possibly sick and/or infected with who knows what and it spreads from there. There are also reports that some of these scientists sell the lab animals to the wet markets to supplement their incomes.

  9. “Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages.” That alone disqualifies them from being part of the world community. Not to mention the lack of bathrooms. Thanks, Nixon.

  10. Trump and the other western country leaders (and for that matter any country effected by the release of this virus by China) had better be planning the seizing of ALL Chinese assets held in their respective countries, laws forbidding or at least vastly curtailing western investment by China, large tariffs on goods imported from China as well as limitation on the types of goods and the vast reduction of Chinese “students” attending universities in the west as well as reduction in Chinese nationals working for either western or Chinese companies operating in the west. China also should be reduced to Observer status at the UN and suspended from the G20, IMF, World Bank and any other international group for a period of time.
    Unfortunately you know that none of this will happen.

  11. Can we force China to end the scummy shit if we ban flights from China every flu season?
    You know the Feds are going to lock us down 2 times a year. lol.

  12. For some reason I don’t trust governments of any type. The question I have is how it spread so rapidly and just how is that going to be fixed. Some how I don’t trust that a politically correct originated government can be trusted to do zip, so Washington is DOA with a lasting fix. Let us not forget how the deep state has been reworked not, even with Trump at the helm.

  13. it appears to me this virus was spread purposefully

    if our country wasn’t filled with traitorous politicians and news media we would be at war.

  14. It was so bad that I wouldn’t even take video of some of the stalls. After that excursion, I wouldn’t eat anything in China that I couldn’t absolutely identify in the ingredients. It was a bummer, too, because I really like bbq pork humbow. NO CHOPPED MEAT in food in China! Ever!

  15. $hit-hole country. Any society that condones the eating of dogs and cats deserves all of the viruses they can get.
    Neutron bomb the whole place and be done with it. Then do the Middle East after we temporarily remove the Israelis

  16. Western Business MUST massively reduce their supply chains from China.

    Universities should dramatically reduce their enrollment due to the espionage, theft if intellectual property, and communist nature.

    Absolutely ban pharma imports and insist upon western world source & manufacture.


    Even after causing a planet to shut down, and everyone watching they are still selling defective shit all over the world.

    There is a severe moral problem with communism.

  17. If it were the wet markets, the ChiComs would shut them down harshly. They know it wasn’t the wet markets because it came from their lab in Wuhan. They would give better cover to their lies if they actually did shut down the wet markets. That’s the problem with totalitarians, they never really have to cover up their lies to their people so they don’t really bother with a rational cover story.

  18. Super, I’m aware of the chickens but the biggest difference is in the processing standards. I went with my grandfather to have a cow processed on several occasions. After the first time I waited outside.

  19. @xxx March 31, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    > If we’re gonna be tolerant of men sucking each other’s dks, we aught to be tolerant of people eating bats.


  20. “Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages. That alone disqualifies them from being part of the world community.”

    Yeah, but we make bank renting their slave labor so SHUT UP.


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