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Thanks for nothing, John Durham

American Thinker:

By Pete McArdle

Raise your hands, anyone who thought special counsel John Durham’s probe into the outrageous treatment of President Trump by the Obama FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department was ever going to amount to anything.


No one?

Me neither.

As Durham’s investigative “work” finally wraps up, it’s embarrassingly obvious he’s just another swamp creature with a nice suit, a bad goatee, and no spine.

A stroll back in time to May 2019, makes Durham’s ensuing abdication of duty abundantly clear.  Back then, Fox News’s Brooke Singman described Durham as “aggressive, tireless, and fair.”

Three years later, we can see that Durham’s been about as aggressive as a Prince Edward Island oyster in a foul mood.  If he’s been tireless, it’s been strictly in service to his Deep State masters.  And when all the major players involved in the attempted coups against Pres. Trump walk with their pensions, licenses, and CNN jobs firmly in hand — and they will — you can throw “fair” right out the window.

Your first clue that this investigation would be merely a sham of a travesty of a farce was Singman pointing out in her article that Durham has done highly sensitive work for “both sides of the aisle.”  In other words, Durham was the Mitt Romney of special investigators: a Democrat wolf in RINO clothing.

Clue #2 from this three-year-old article was the Fox writer elaborating on how Durham’s boss, then–attorney general Bill Barr, was working “collaboratively” with FBI head honcho Chris Wray (who’s currently hunting down conservatives); CIA director Gina Haspel (who stated that “Trump was like a six-year-old” and that we’re on our way to a “right-wing coup”); and DoJ inspector general Michael Horowitz, who’s made a career of not noticing Democrat malfeasance.

Talk about a stacked deck.  Everyone running the Durham show was a NeverTrump, and they collaborated

As it ends not with a bang, but a whimper, what has the Durham special investigation accomplished? Not a thing. more. h/t NAAC.

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  1. Barr and Durham Paint & Body Shop….
    Barr spreads the bondo around….
    Durham slaps on some paint….
    and our doj/fbi/justice system is the same old same old….Corrupt as hell.

  2. Nothing is going to happen until enough rich suburban soccer moms and/or their husbands lose their jobs in this Bitme recession. Right now they are too comfortable and too focused on their own little bubble world to pay attention.

    To quote Renaldo Maximus:
    “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when (Joe Biden and most of the DC swamp) loses his.”

    It’s gonna take said depression before real change will happen.

  3. he could have accomplished what it looks like he has in a much shorter time, but for one factor:
    he obviously gets paid by the hour

  4. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

    The political class devotes a lot of time and energy to inspecting closets for skeletons. Those skeletons come in really handy from time to time.

    Durham has undoubtedly got skeletons of his own. We get to pay for all these “investigations” that the political class orchestrates to an outcome that suits their purposes and that most of the public will accept or ignore. In the process, they feather their own nests even more.

    The only answer is to tear it down and start over. We’d do it using the Constitution. We know how the commies would do it, because they are doing it.

    One of two warring factions is going to win. We’ve got a ringside seat for it and it’s important to remember that good does not always triumph over evil.

  5. Durham licks his fingers on the rare occasions he pulls em out of Barr’s ass.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The Federal Statute of Limitations will expire before any of the traitors who committed the greatest act of sedition in our County’s history can be brought to trial. This was nothing more than a legal distraction. Robespierre Muller and his Committee of Public Safety knew within weeks that the Russian Collusion claims were a baseless hoax. John Durham didn’t need more than a year to unravel this fraudulent scheme, he never tried.

  7. Honestly, what did anyone expect? It has been obvious for the entire length of Durham’s scam that no one with any power would be indicted. Saying that Durham was going to really do anything was akin to saying that Trump would cross the Rubicon and stop the election steal. Just wishful thinking by a bunch of people that don’t think for themselves.

  8. So, you idiots really believe Ron Johnson over what John Durham has been doing?

    If John Durham is such a worthless piece of shit then why are there no leaks?

    Give your brain a chance…..

  9. Will that be a great Awards Show at the Kennedy Center some day!

    Patriotism awards for such greats as Durham, Barr, Issa, howdy Gowdy, Paul Ryan, Yertle McConnell, Lizzie Cheney, Boehner, John Roberts, McLame, W ……

    they put their bodies in front of those traitorous democrats in order to defend our ‘temples of holy democracy’, or some such poppycock

  10. He was acceptable for the job, because he’d proven himself acceptable for the job.

    Dummies. Dummies, everywhere.
    (apologies the The New, Improved, Definitely NOT That’s Why S/he’s Here, Buzzed Lightloafers)

  11. fnuck, son of fnord October 2, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    “…Dummies. Dummies, everywhere.
    (apologies the The New, Improved, Definitely NOT That’s Why S/he’s Here, Buzzed Lightloafers)…”

    What the Fnuck?! English please. You’re one different sonofabitch.

  12. “He was acceptable for the job, because he’d proven himself acceptable for “the job.”

    Stupid fucking socialist. I hire people all the time that’s resumes render them “acceptable for the job”. I fire a lot of them because they cannot perform the job.
    Now what bitch?

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    He/it belongs in a round rubber room, in a strait-waistcoat.

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    later that day .dot.

  23. @Brad October 2, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    > Stupid fucking socialist. I hire people all the time that’s resumes render them “acceptable for the job”.

    John Durham has been mastering the ceremonies of dog and donkey shows, for the cartel, for decades. Cartel crews who have offices on the east side of the street, and cartel crews who have offices on the west side, of the exact same street, have praised their (ever increasing) skim of the ticket booth, from the ever more “prestigious” dog and donkey shoes John Durham has MC’d for them, the exact same cartel, for decades. He has not been Your Fired(TM). He has not been “dismissed” to a bigger title, with better pay, in a different cartel office. Instead, he has been paid to MC bigger and “better” dog and donkey shows. For the exact, same, cartel crews. For decades.

    > I fire a lot of them because they cannot perform the job.

    And… That means…?

    > Now what bitch?

    (sigh) Oh. @Brad.

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