Thanks for the heads-up

Wear A Headscarf Or Be Raped, Swedish Women Warned.

BCF: Stickers calling for democracy to be replaced with Islam and for women who do not wear a veil to be raped have appeared in public places in Sweden.

They have been reported to the police.

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  1. All the real men, including my grandfather, left Sweden long ago. Look at Sweden like France – the canary in the coal mine. Will the Swedes do anything now that the canary is dying? Either the S will HTF or Muslims take over.

  2. Time to start carrying that innocent heavy duty walking stick. And develop the will to use it in its secondary function.

  3. Reported to the police. Riiiiight. And after everything that has NOT happened recently to muzzies, reporting this will accomplish ……… what? exactly?

  4. But “we may never know their motivation.”

    May those who utter such nonsense meet
    their ends soon via their “tolerant” associates.

  5. I know that area well. It is the heart of the Swedish glass factories; one of my relatives worked in the Nybro glass factory and they live in nearby Emmaboda. Lots of American tourists go touring the factories. Most of my relatives live in that area of Smaland. This sickens me. 🙁

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