Thanks, Mich! Washington School District Bans Birthday Cupcakes


LYNNWOOD, Wash. – Michelle Obama’s national school lunch overhaul is getting a little ridiculous.

The First Lady worked with federal bureaucrats to strictly limit what types of foods can be served in school cafeterias across the country in an effort to fight childhood obesity. The federal regulations on meat, vegetables, salt, and other aspects of the school lunch has been met with staunch indignation from students who have either trashed their mandatory fruit and vegetables or opted not to eat lunch at all.

Now, the Edmonds School District in Washington state and others are cracking down on birthday cupcakes and other sugary snacks students bring from home under a directive from the federal lunch police, according to news reports.



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  1. Well then, no need to replace your executive pastry chef. You know, the one that puts crack in your pie crusts. No cupcakes for the kids, no crack pies for the POSPOTUS and First Hatey. C*nt!!

  2. I can only hope this shite doesn’t last. Already the Richmond (city), VA, school board has done away with its idiotic “zero tolerance” policy. Maybe the ijits are waking up.

  3. Like all federal-related projects the restrictions come with money. If they want to keep suckling at the federal teat they have to toe the line. The only problem is that the ‘free money’ comes with so many costs that it’s worse than free.

  4. The price of meat and all things protein is going up. People’s earnings due to inflation are going down. People replace their protein intake with carbohydrate intake. Therefore her husbands crappy economy is making people fatter not thinner. Then roll in 1/4th of the working class out of jobs and sitting on their ass, too many collecting welfare, and you have a perfect storm.

  5. It’s not federal LAW and local school officials are not bound by those rules unless they submit.

    Elect ‘RATs — under their thumb.

  6. Boobie, I think it actually might filter down to the teacher. I have a teacher friend, she’s also a certifird NRA hand gun instructor, that has the class say the Pledge of Aligance every morning in her class room. She teachs fourth grade. And that’s in Cali.

  7. My Mom always bought bakery cupcakes for me to bring to my grammar school on my Birthday. Since my birthday is near Christmas, she’d buy little Golden Books, wrap them and put candy canes on them to hand out to everyone along with a cupcake.

    Any left overs… which my Mom always OVER bought… we’d drive over to the poor neighborhood down the street behind the Ballpark, and I’d pass them out to the kids that came up to the car.

    It was always a special time between just me and my Mom, on my Birthday. It gave me such a wonderful feeling. She was the best! :))

    Mrs. Obama is someone who never gave anything from her heart.

  8. Cupcake, A true story.

    Two Marines met at a BJ’s in Port Saint Luce last year. They hadn’t seen each other since Nam, 1973.
    They were with their wifes who had never met. The two Marines were elated to see each other after all these years and both wifes were delighted with the encounter.
    Joe invited Jim and his wife to their house for dinner.
    It was a terrific evening. The Marines chatted about old times and the wifes just loved the stories. Joe told them how he met his “cupcake” and it was all very romantic.
    After dinner the ladies went to the kitchen to do the dishes and Joe and Jim had a chance to really talk.
    Jim said, hey Joe what’s with all this Cupcake, Honeybunch shit, I thought you’d be beyond that, Marine and all?
    Joe said, Jim I forgot the bitches name about five years ago and I’m afraid to ask.

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