In response to the first day of the Adam Schiff Clown Show, Andrew Wilcow (Wilcow Majority radio show) said we should start a hashtag #ThankYouSimone to trigger the left. This clip has been making the rounds on Twitter already.

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  1. Ambassador Simone, did you in fact hear that President Trump (MILST) gave President Zelensky an ultimatum from Ambassador Sondland who had told it to Ambassador Volker who had heard it from Ambassador Yovanovitch (who couldn’t have possibly heard it from Ambassador Stevens)?

    Yes Senator, my mothers aunt told my sister-in-laws cousin who then told my best friends co-workers son that there was in fact a squid-hasbro-quay, and that it came to me just as you described; five months after the phone conversation had occurred but no one had actually heard. Yes, just as you said I said in my prior deposition and now, that is exactly what we didn’t overhear that was understood to have been overheard.

  2. AKA gibberish!

    C…try #ImpeachmentGibberish.

    Or how about Ralph Kramden as Shiff when Nunes said into the record, about how:

    “…and we should forget… they solicited naked images of the President”.


    Another one…#WeShouldForget?

    I thought that intro was excellent.

  3. Ah, Glenbrook North High School.

    Fun bit of trivia, 2 girls in the movie as extras, were more than friends. One I dated for a few years.

    I rarely give credit to Hollyweird, but those John Hughes flicks were my teenage years. Same location, same type of people, accurately played.


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