That 7 day forecast is…

When you realize….

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  1. I miss catchy tunes like that. The garbage that passes for music these days?

    OK gramps. Drink your Metamucil and go to bed.

    But seriously. Can you him or whistle a top 40 song from the last 3 decades? I can’t.

  2. We’re sorry, but the number you dialed…
    Eight… Six… Seven… Five… Three… Zero… Nine…
    Has been changed…
    To an unlisted number.

  3. That actually the weather from 3 weeks ago. I my lowest was -13, tomorrow 70̊. So an 83̊ change in 3 weeks.

  4. “Called it as a 12 year old.

    No one answered.”

    Yea, well to this day, phone companies will not release/assign that number. Is that awesome or what?

  5. When I called it, someone answered. And I asked them if they had Sir Walter Raleigh in a can?

    They hung up on me.

  6. The school counselor’s office number at Gastonia-Ashebrook (NC) hi skrule, when that song came out. 😛

    I was in a nearby hi skrule at the time, so we heard all about it. 😎

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