That eggscalated quickly

DC: Australian Senator Fraser Anning responded to having an egg cracked against the back of his head by turning around and slapping the perpetrator during a live television interview.

The Queensland senator, who previously called for a ban on Muslim immigration and is currently under fire for blaming New Zealand’s lax immigration policies for recent mosque shootings, was in Melbourne giving an interview to reporters on Friday when a young man started recording, then smashed an egg into the back of his head.

Anning quickly turned around and slapped the individual, who reportedly turned out to be a 17-year-old. Then he did it again before being separated from the altercation by a staffer.

The unnamed teen was subsequently arrested by Victoria police, then reportedly released  without charges.  MORE

11 Comments on That eggscalated quickly

  1. Weakest fuggin’ left I’ve ever seen. The second one was even worse.


    Nothin’ like slappin’ around no good punk kidz. Dudes got my vote.

  2. The bystander/security should not have stepped in and stopped the senator. Let the punk ass kid get the snot slapped out of him.

  3. I think the guy was big enough to throw a more meaningful punch but probably restrained himself because the punk was a little shit. If he was running in a place I could vote for him I would.

  4. We need a nuke war to pull us out of the bottom of the barrel of stupid.

    Islam needs to be eradicated for the good of the moral man, and we are drowning in PC madness.

    God save us.

  5. ” ……….. arrested by Victoria police, then reportedly released without charges.”

    Seems that violent leftists are handled the same way there as they are here.

  6. Well, swell, well. Deplorable, ugly, appalling and apparently not welcome in Australia me not only thinks that punk had it coming but also thinks the Senator is correct.

  7. Why released with charges?????? If it was reversed it would be played up as an assassination attempt. What a crock of BS


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