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That Forest Gump Kid

[Boredom Therapy] In the summer of 1994, Forrest Gump took the world by storm and captured our hearts in the process. The film would go on to win six Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Tom Hanks and Best Director for Robert Zemeckis. But thats the part that everyone already knows.

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What you might not know is that there was one cast member who did not get to attend the Oscars that year. And two decades later, his story has veered away from the big screen and into somewhere a little closer to the real Forrest Gump.

Michael Connor Humphreys, then 8-years-old, played young Forrest in the 1994 film.

Humphreys never got to share in the Oscar glory, since his parents couldn’t afford for him to attend the glitzy ceremony. Instead, he watched the show at home.

Find out what he’s been up to, HERE

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  1. “Gump!… What’s your sole purpose in this Army?!…”

    “To do whatever it is you tell me to do drill sergeant.”

    “Goddamnit Gump!… You’re a goddamn genius!!!…”

  2. I gotta be honest Tom. He was Freaken good in Fast Time At Ridgemont High. But he’s on my knock the F out list if I ever see him.

  3. Penn was a character actor in Ridgemont High and he’s a character actor in real life.

    Phoebe Cates (Mrs. Kevin Kline) is STILL hot.

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