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That “Happening Now” feeling

Patriot Retort: 

Local news stories like this make me crazy.

Every morning, after I feed the animals and get my coffee, I sit down to read the news. And the first site I go to is a local news website called

I used to go to the local ABC affiliate, but all their national news stories are cribbed from CNN, so I switched.

But it doesn’t seem to matter what local news site I use. I always stumble across stories that absolutely make me crazy.

Yesterday morning, a nine-year-old boy was shot and killed by his ten-year-old brother using an illegal firearm owned by his father.

Good Lord. How awful.

But here’s now CNYCentral headlined this story yesterday evening:


See, the problem for the local news is this shooting took place Monday morning.

So by the time the eleven o’clock broadcast aired, the story was old.

So CNYCentral needed to create an immediacy around an old story.

And that’s how they did it.

These kinds of headlines make me nuts. The heart of the story is a nine-year-old is dead. But because it happened hours and hours beforehand, they needed a more immediate hook.

So that’s what they chose: “West side neighbors shocked.”


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  1. America is simply a Norman Rockweird painting now.
    Kind of like Rockwell, but with dead bodies and despair.
    The new normal.

  2. Anklepants, you made a booboo. You went to online news instead of going here. You’ll get that stuff on Yahoo news, etc. Junk. But I forgive you, because you’re Anklepants. 😉

  3. @PHenry – MJA formerly posted with the nom du clavier Mary Jane Anklestraps. Swapping straps for pants yields an old nickname. It’s meant in a friendly and companionable way.

  4. Yikes! PHenry, Al, You guys are reading about as well as CNN reports the truth.

    MJA posted this, but the words belong to Dianny at Patriot Retort.

    P.S. MJA just might cut you for the pants add-on.

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