That is definitely purple

Democratic Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro rocked an all-purple look on the floor of the House Of Representatives Tuesday and almost everyone was confused Daily Caller

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  1. Proof that Michael Savage is correct when he states Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    The other truism, after seeing an article about Hope Hicks, is conservative women are more eye appealing.

  2. My apologizes AGAIN to the rest of the country for having Limousine Liberal Rosa DeUgly being elected to office. The Prog is strong in my home state.

  3. Barney the purple dinosaur was more subtle and subdued.

    Of all the democrat pinup girls, she has to be the most hideous. But they’ve got more than a calendar full if wretched hags.

  4. Do the R’s have anyone male or female who can compete with the self-expression of the D’s? You know, they like to talk about “dignity of the office” all the live long day.

  5. The scary thing is people actually vote to keep this nut Congress. She doesn’t look that much more sane in her usual garb.

  6. When I see things like this it is so difficult to fathom how something of this nature gets into any kind of position of influence or importance.

    Shaking my head ruefully. 🙁

  7. I think all the Representatives and Senators should have to wear purple.
    They legislate, act and exempt themselves just like royalty.

    King George III levied taxes constantly and refused to listen to the people’s grievances and desires. Pretty much like Congress.

  8. On behalf of the few sane voters left in the Nutmeg State, I had nothing to do with voting this perennial embarrassment into office.

  9. Third Twin. The morning after Hillary lost she was passed out on the floor in a purple teddy and thong.

    I apologize for that mental image.

  10. For the 2018 mid-terms, republicans should just run a commercial featuring a montage of all the congressional democrats. Nothing more, just their faces.

  11. I’m at a loss for words. I can’t believe that any group of Americans could elect that parakeet to office. It’s phucking insane. Connicuit or Cuntacut, must really suck.

  12. Pro-Choice Catholic Mortgages. According to Open Secrets, she had an “estimated net worth of $15,213,004 in 2014”. Truly a person of the people. Her old man is big time political strategist Stan Greenberg.

  13. I am reminded of the movie when a pigmy finds a Coke bottle thrown from a airplane.
    There is only one of her and what do you do with it?
    The Gods Must Be Crazy, well, a sense of humour anyway.
    Who will take her to God’s Window and throw the purple Coke bottle off?

  14. When you’re so damn ugly to begin with, take the opportunity to make yourself uglier thereby crossing over to freakdom. As a freak you’re one of a kind special versus flat out fugly. Somehow she blurred the line and is both a freak and ugly, so, yeah, still FUGLY.

  15. Ugly in purple, but worth millions to finance a coup along with George Soros in his Purple Revolution backing the Hillary Clinton/Obama cabal. Remember Hillary and Bill wearing their purple while unwillingly yielding to their election loss. They are still fighting to get leadership control. Nasty Rosa just doing that “finger thing” by being dressed in her purple garb-age.

  16. “Tripping Purple”.The hippies saw that particular color back in the 60’s during their really bad acid trips. The ones when the monsters came out.

  17. She must have fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I didn’t think anyone could top Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the the ugly meter, but she went above and beyond.

  18. I have a pretty good imagination Moe Tom but not that good. Normally I would feel sorry for him but he being a Lib/Prog with ties to all the big time Lefties, I got nothin. Maybe his eye sight is REALLY bad. Probably has the same kind of “marriage” Bill and Hillary have. Barf.

  19. Moe Tom, you and your wife are in the same home, are able to hug and recognize each other. You not only can win, you have won the lottery. Count your blessings. Do it for me. Please.

  20. RottyLover, I hope that things turn around for you real soon and you find some peace in your life for you and your husband.
    The gals at Motus have been very worried about you, please check in with them,they are one of the best group of women around to have as a support group for what you are going through.
    Not many here know what you are dealing with. God Bless and prayers for you.

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