That This Schmuck Had a Shot at Being President is Frightening

John Kerry, so emphatic, so authoritative, so scholarly sounding, yet, so utterly wrong about everything he is over-annunciating.

What a dunce —>

But Trump is the idiot!!

Look for the media to start saying these Arab nations making peace with Israel have nothing to do with Trump, is was the unseen work done by Obama that has finally come to fruition.


We see the Obama administration in the hilariously asinine clip above.

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23 Comments on That This Schmuck Had a Shot at Being President is Frightening

  1. I just love that President Trump has made these blowhards look like the absolute clowns they are.

    It’s not just the winning. I’m still not sick of all this Schadenfreude.

  2. Huh? Didn’t Bahrain and the Emirates just sign peace treaties with Israel, and are they not part of the Arab world?

    Maybe Ketchup John has been in a ketchup coma for the last week.

  3. John Kerry. The guy that was the face of a KGB “anti war” front group back in the ‘70’s.

    Commie apparatchik.

  4. I purposely bought Hunt’s ketchup today instead of Heinz because when I learned John Fairy was part of the Heinz fortune way back when I went, “I ain’t forkin’ money over to that asshole!”

  5. A million people and a bunch of world leaders marched in a massive protest against terrorism in Paris, but Barky couldn’t be bothered, so potato chin Kerry sends his buddy James Taylor instead. But you go ahead and tell me all about the Mideast, Lurch. You treacherous turd. The only reason you’re not in jail is because Trump knows you f—k up everything you try to do.

  6. just go away & ride a bike somewhere … preferably over a cliff, you parasite

    w/ all that hand & arm flapping, I expected that, at any moment, he was going to fly away like a bat
    (no offence to bats)

  7. In the same way that Michael Moore is the poster child for morbid obesity, this mule-faced jackass defines blind arrogance. Arrogance is the most useless and terminal trait of the human race. Whatever they do is “right” for the world. Simple as that.

    If you have common sense and think rationally, thank God you aren’t such an insufferable simpleton.

    Another glaring example that $$$$ means nothing.

    I see Kerry and Blumenthal as brothers from different mothers.

  8. Potato face.

    Another one that should just go away already…that sack of shitface negotiated with the Iranians in Paris.

    Nevermind the back alleys of the Swamp…

  9. The part that he, Obozo, and EVRYONE else didn’t get, that President Trump did, is to FIRST level the playing field by eliminating our dependence on the region for oil. With that out of the way, the ONLY decision left is “What is in everybody’s best interest?”.

  10. You can put glasses on a horse’s ass in an attempt to make it look and sound smarter. But it won’t help. All you’ll get is still just road apples. Always include a shovel with the glasses.

  11. I once met and had a 20 minute conversation a man who was in the same class as kerry in whatever prep school they attended. He said kerry was a good athlete and otherwise a completely arrogant, phony asshole. Seems like the past predicted the future… again!

  12. I never regretted donating to the REAL Navy heroes that took him down when he ran for preezy!!!

    FRAUD, POS, COWARD, TRAITOR >>> John Kerry
    100% DemocRAT

  13. I have been a conservative for 60 years!

    This coward insulted both my buddies and myself! Of course I voted against him! will so do every time!

  14. Just like Bill Clinton, Kerry is possessed with a Kennedy fixation.
    Both of these buffoons have the grossly inflated egos of sociopaths.
    Kerry for his part has possibly the stupidest hair in politics. How anyone can have a person to person conversation with him and suppress their laughter is beyond me.


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